Raising LGD’s- the first heat

This is what happens when your partner in crime, your BFF, is put in prison.

LGD Livestock Guardians in Heat

Just kidding … this is what happens when you are an LGD, your family doesn’t want to have you spayed too young (I’ll let my readers google that), and you go into heat.

Heidi is in heat, right on time at 10 months old, and Huck is just devastated that his working buddy is separated from him. (Or his hormones are going haywire, but it’s cuter to think he just misses her). Being that we homeschool, and are home quite a bit most days, I have been able to keep a close eye on her. I am *not* I repeat *not* a dog expert. Or a breeding expert. I honestly know very little about how dog’s cycles work. But I am in some pretty awesome support groups for LGD owners, and they have gotten me this far. Obviously delayed spaying isn’t for every farmer, but it is what we have planned to do from the beginning for Heidi. When we do get spayed, I plan to use a veterinarian that keeps the hormones in tact, to protect her disposition, health, and guarding spirit. =)

We chose to separate Heidi into the cattle trailer during her heat; we can keep her safe from the elements in the shop, Huck can still guard, patrol, and keep an eye on his sweet puppy. She is HIS puppy after all-he helped raise her and I’ve always referred to her as “your puppy” when we talk. Yes. We talk.

Ehum, anyway. In the cattle trailer she is also safe from stray dogs that may catch wind of her, and Huck, of course. She has room to move, eat, drink, and be bored to death. And I know she is bored. Poor girl.

We have about 2 more weeks of this, and then freedom!  (insert that cheesy commercial song here)

I really don’t want my puppy to have puppies. She would be an amazing LGD example, she and Huck both. They’re well mannered and good at their jobs for being so young. But obviously, that isn’t what we have planned for her.

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