Put on a Happy Face {Baby #3}

My third born is most definitely her own littler person. All children are their own born persons, just as God intended, but this one … this one at barely 3 years old, while twirling on the top of a picnic table in nothing but a tu-tu and muddeclared herself a fairy princess.

We had never even discussed, read about, or watched anything to do with fairies. Or Princesses for that matter. *insert eye roll here*

So from that point on, I realized our Little Miss will forever be her own burst of light , arcing over everyone as they dance in her glow.

Then I bought her a fairy…

And a fairy book.


But I’ve concluded in the realization of who she is- kind hearted, the life of the party, sincere, excited, bright, eager to learn, and independent- she is just that scary thing I feared about raising girls.

She is *all girl,* with a little mud thrown in.

My first born girl is so predictably me-a serious tomboy, genuine and fun loving but introverted, living in a world of books and over analyzation. Mister lives in a world of all-things-Daddy, outdoors, sports, and engineering; he finds value in learning, quality time, and problem solving.

She is vivacious, finds fun in anything-alone or in a crowd- loves spontaneity; she flirts with risk, and dances everywhere she goes, with a perfect ballet twirl thrown in (yea, that part she didn’t get from me).

She will forever do her own thing. I only pray that she is certain that thing is always aligned with loving Jesus, and that I give her the grace she needs to be who she is, in Him. He is going to do wonderful things with her life, with the personality He gave her. I know that.

Baby #3 is the epitome of the word rainbow; a prism through which light shines lighting up the world around her. She is boundless energy, eager to share with anyone willing to sit a spell dance along.

I am thankful for the chance to dance along with her.

happy face

So proud of her happy face man, with “thick hair”

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  1. Auntie Vicki says:

    She is beautiful! I think being your own littler person is wonderful and really describes all 4 of your little ones. They are so blessed to being raised in a Christian home with loving parents. Thanks for sharing.

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