Protecting Little Hearts

You know, I am an honest person.  Sometimes brutally honest, but I try to do it nicely.

But something that gets under my skin, like really gets under my skin, is when people are mean or “passively aggressive” towards my babies.

I am praying about it, and probably thinking about it more than I should; but you can never pray too much, right?

Why do people do that?  Why do they use your kids to get at you?  Why can’t they just be HONEST with me, as an adult.

You don’t like the way I do things?  Say so or be nice.

You don’t like how I raise my family?  I’d really rather you keep your opinion to yourself, but if it’s between hurting my babies and being honest with me, BE HONEST WITH ME.

My daddy says not to let ’em get me down.  But it’s so hard sometimes.

Daddy says, “Meg, you’ve got the Most High God, a good husband, and two great kids. Everything else good is icing on the cake; and take it for what it is because most everything else is doo doo!”  

I love my daddy.  But he’s so right.

Why do I even care how people feel about me?  I don’t.

It’s not me I care about- it is my babies.  I care how they are treated.  Both of them are sweet, sensitive, a little reserved, and neither of them understands sarcasm.

They certainly don’t understand being forgotten or left out.  But Lexie is old enough to know she has been mistreated, or treated differently.  And she questions everything.

So I try to protect her heart and feelings for now.

And it angers me.  More than anything, it hurts my feelings for them.

So I am praying about it.  Because I know it is something that doesn’t matter, it’s “doo doo,” 

and quite frankly, so is anyone who deliberately tries to make you feel bad, hurt, or “different.”  Christ wouldn’t treat you that way, because you are worth more to that than Him.  

What you are worth to others doesn’t matter One. Little. Bit.
So, I will leave you with this: 

Don’t let someone make you feel less than what you are.  Because it boils down to pettiness and jealousy on their part, and neither of those traits look good on anyone.

Pray about it instead.  

Pray for them.  

Pray for yourself and the situation.  

Because that’s really all that’s worth doing.

Always know that if you are doing what your heart is being pulled to do, and you can sleep with it at night knowing God would be is proud of you, then you don’t have to answer to anyone outside of your four walls (and I say that, because I do believe in answering to my husband, even though, like most all of us, I struggle with it sometimes). Other than that, it’s all you and God.

Have a great week, we have lots of fun planned around here!  

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  1. Ginny Gafford says:

    Ugh, people! They are very frustrating!!!
    I, too, don’t understand why people can’t keep their mouths shut. We are our own people, with our own families. Let us do what we feel is right.
    Praying for you friend!

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