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These products make our life easier! They are tried and true in our family- a large family, with many small children, homesteading in the Midwest.

Best Scissors Ever

No one touches the golden scissors, except mama. These are the BEST!

Epsom Salt Soak

A self care must! Also great for soaking during illness, soreness, and stress.

On the Go Cross Body Backpack

I LOVE this bag!

Best Homeschool Lined Composition Notebooks

These have primary lines, perfect for writing, notebooking, and journaling!

Favorite hypoallergenic conditioner

Our son is very allergic to the fragrances found in shampoos and conditioners. This brand seems to be the best for his allergies.

Norpro strainer

Perfect for straining fresh goat or cow milk after milking.

Milk Kefir Grains

Healthy kefir grains for making your own kefir and farmer cheese.

Pastry Tamper

I use this not for pastries, but for getting fermented kraut into jars. Of course it can also be used to pastries as well.

Digital Food scale

I use this food scale for weighing everything, including flour.

1.3 gal compost bucket

Love this compost bucket! Easy to clean, NO smell, ever, and holds enough for an entire day of family food scraps and peels.

Apple Corer/sliced/peeler

This is the easiest, fastest way to prep apples for snacking, cooking, and canning. Easy to wash, too!

Magnetic knife strips

I LOVE these strips! Use comman strips to affix to the wall or your backsplash in the kitchen. Great for shops, sewing rooms, and craft tool storage.

Norpro Drying Mat

Greek yogurt/kefir strainer

Greek yogurt or kefir strainer- this is used when making our own yogurt, kefir, and farm cheese.

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