Pregnancy Update: 20 weeks

Last week we went to the doctor for our 20 week ultrasound.

Everything looks good- baby is a little above average on size, but really that is hard for even an ultrasound to know at this point.  Heart rate was 154 consistently and baby was super squirmy.  S/he was also very shy, covering their face and booty- not only could we not see the facial features but the tech couldn’t find out what gender baby was; legs were crossed at the ankles and hands were on the face the entire time.  In this picture you can see baby’s hand, and profile.  We will get another ultrasound at about 30-34 weeks.  Apparently our doctor likes to do ultrasounds twice- once in the middle, and once towards the end.

19w2d ultrasound

I am feeling good.  Some days I am up a few pounds, other days I am down a few pounds.  So I am still going with no weight gain?  =)  Belly is much bigger, and baby is kicking, moving all over the place and gets the hiccups a lot!  Lexie had hiccups all the time- I don’t remember Max getting them.  I just remember how often Lexie got them, and it was what seemed like all. the. time.

We are excited to still not know the gender.  We both almost caved the day before the scan, but decided we definitely do not want to know.  Our to do list for before pregnancy is sloooowly getting smaller.  Very, very slowly.  I am not sure that we will get bunk beds built, because A) I still want Max in his crib, and B) I don’t think JTom will have time to build them anyway, with all our projects and his traveling.  So, they will probably just share a crammed bedroom for a while.  I am okay with that.

In typical second-trimester style, I have more energy than I did during the first 13-15 weeks trimester.  I do have days that I am wiped out, but overall feel good.

So … yea.  That’s it for the half way point.  Yay!

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