Pregnancy #3: To Do List

With each baby there seems to always be a “to do” list, even when you have no reason to need to do anuything.  Thankfully I don’t think our list this time will cost too much.  We are pretty frugal, and do

n’t spend big money on anything (except that new dog … but she was worth it!). So everything is going to be pretty low key.

to do list

So far this is what I have come up with; I think the list is mostly in order of importance.  big stuff first, smaller stuff later.  If you have any ideas or things I probably forgot, feel free to share in the comments:

      • Pick out new neutral nursery bedding (I like bumble bee bedding– but it has a lot of brown, and since our walls are brown … I am not sure.  But I also like this: polk a dot bumper and then I can keep the pretty red black out curtains that are in there and just paint the walls…)
      • Pick out/make bedding for sibling room
      • Choose wall colors for nursery and sibling room
      • Make curtains for sibling room to match bedding
      • Make bunk beds for sibling room
      • Finish painting kitchen chairs (J.Tom’s project)
      • Make drapes for sliding door in kitchen
      • Make pillow for couch and new chair
      • Get a few summer maternity clothes
      • New summer maternity swim top
      • Re-wash Lexie’s & Max’s old baby clothes
      • Make a box for each set of clothes to be ready when we get home
      • Re-wash bottles, pump, and find a place for baby items in kitchen cabinets
      • Sew up a few gender neutral burp cloths, bibs, & nice baby blanket to monogram after baby comes
      • Stock up on homemade formula ingredients in case my milk supply is low and won’t increase again
      • Clean out Lexie’s closet
      • Clean out Lexie’s drawers
      • Clean out Max’s closet
      • Clean out Max’s drawers
      • Clean out toys downstairs 1/2 done
      • Re organize linen closet
      • Re organize pantry
      • Clean out sewing room *gasp*
      • Clean out basement storage
      • Plan a birthday party for Max and Lexie (always Labor Day weekend)

And that is all I can think of; a lot of that is just to do lists for the summer anyway.  We don’t need furniture this time, or any clothes for baby.  We don’t need much of anything (what a blessing).

Most everything is just starting and finishing projects like painting.  I cannot WAIT to repaint the bedrooms.  The builder painted the walls with flat paint- if I had seem the house more than once before we moved I probably would have noticed that and had them repaint.  But now we are stuck with FLAT pain that A) doesn’t come clean when you try to wipe it off, and B) Mr. Clean erasers take the paint off.  So … semi gloss/satin paint in the kids’ rooms is a must!  There are finger prints and smears everywhere and if you know me you know that drives me nuts.  Not to mention the time Lexie found a black crayon in her room and colored a beautiful picture above her bed.

Yay for spring and summer!

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