Poetry for the Grammar Stage with Memoria Press {a review}

Poetry for the Grammar Stage Memoria Press

My 8 year old has been using the Poetry for the Grammar Stage Set from Memoria Press and is enjoying it so much! We’ve included this in her loop studies-the independent subjects she rotates through the week- and she asks for it all the time.

Poetry for the Grammar Stage with Memoria Press

About Poetry for the Grammar Stage

We received the physical copies of books in this set, which includes:

  • Student Guide
  • Teacher Guide
  • Anthology

Poetry for the Grammar Stage is a supplemental study to your literature study. The anthology is 62 pages of poems. The student book (159 pages) is meant for 1 individual student to work through; it covers vocabulary from the poem being studied, as well as comprehension/analytical questions. These questions challenge students to think critically about the poetry they are reading. It helps them break down the imagery they are reading, and apply it to life.

The teacher guide (159 pages) includes the answers for the student book, which is good because I’d forgotten quite a bit about poetry! The beginning of the teacher’s guide tells you how to go about teaching poetry in a classroom or homeschool setting. We didn’t use this exactly as written, but it was helpful for coming up with our study plan.

Poetry for the Grammar Stage

Poetry should be shared aloud! If there is anything our family poetry tea time has taught me, it is that poetry should always be shared aloud for everyone to hear together. I had my daughter read the poem she was working on aloud to us at the table before morning work. This gave us a chance to talk about it a bit, and it allowed the littles a chance to add in their thoughts about the poem. They really enjoyed listening along and I was impressed with their thoughtful responses.

The description for this set on the Memoria Press website says these are poems students learn in their literature studies, for memorization, in their classical education program. This is a supplemental set to help students have more poetry work and understanding. Because we don’t use the Memoria Press literature studies (but they do look great!), we used the poetry in conjunction with our current curriculum. It was a great fit for my daughter! The set is meant to last through the entirety of the grammar stage, but trying to slow my girl down has been hard, just during this review period!

The works do get more difficult as you move through the book; poems like Paul Revere’s Ride, The Lady of Shalott, and The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe (he’s my favorite). She loves the poems, she really enjoys the copywork, and answering the questions! This has been one of her favorite loop activities over the last few weeks; and I expect she will continue loving it through these grammar stage years. I am looking forward to memorizing the rest of the poems together!

We will continue adding in the poetry in our morning basket together as a family, memorizing the poems, discussing, and then letting my oldest work through the student book during her independent loops. I may also get a second student book in the fall for my son’s independent work (how is it he will be 7?!). I really like how well this fits into our homeschool, how thorough the program is without being “too much,” and the structure it gives us in learning new poetry together!

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