Peter Rabbit Tales from Kinder Cottage Publishing {a review}

As you know, we love books in our home.  (what homeschooling family doesn’t?!)  We were able to review two (of ten) titles, Peter Rabbit Goes-A Visiting ($4.00) and Peter Rabbit at the Farm ($4.00), both from Kinder Cottage Publishing.  These books are perfect for children ages 3-9; I read them with my 3.5 year old and she enjoyed each book.  She was also able to comprehend the story line, and we learned many new words!

Kinder Cottage Review

About the Books

Each book is a hardback adaption of an original book published by the Henry Altemus Company in 1917. These a very well made, sturdy, hard cover books.  The covers are glossy and a just the right size for young readers’ hands (5×7).  The illustrations are so charming and classic.  You can’t beat a classic story!

In Peter Rabbit Goes-A Visiting (book 5), Peter sets out to get his sister some medicine for her earache, but on the way he is distracted by Jack the Jumper, promises of grand parties, and other colorful characters along the way.  This was Lexie’s favorite story because she liked Gladys the bear.  In Peter Rabbit at the Farm (book 2), of course Peter finds more trouble and adventure when he wanders to a farm and gets into more mischief.

                   Peter Rabbit Tales: Kinder Cottage {a review}

What We Thought

What I love about these Peter Rabbit tales are the expansive, classic vocabulary words found within them.  This can create so many wonderful opportunities for incorporating  those word into your curriculum.  The other aspect I like about both of these books, is they allow for character lessons within our homeschool.  Peter is a naughty little bunny, easily influenced by others and always on an adventure; we use these stories as character lessons.  Each book has many beautiful, full-page color illustrations, and is about 60+ pages.

We used these as bedtime stories each night- I would read about 10 pages a night and we would discuss the stories.  Lexie really loved carrying them around the house and reading them to Mister.  She enjoys Peter Rabbit and all his many adventures (she especially loves telling me what he should have done instead of the naughty choice he made).

I plan to incorporate these stories into lapbooks we will make based on Peter Rabbit- I will post when we get them complete!

I would most definitely recommend Kinder Cottage Publishing; I love that they offer classic stories.  I love even more that they are keeping classic literature alive and affordable for all families to enjoy.

Peter Rabbit Tales: Kinder Cottage {a review}

You will find ten books in all, so there are many to choose from.  (Or you could gift the entire set for $30!).
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