Pen Pals and Flat Travelers

This past week we joined a penpal group for homeschoolers.  Lexie is so excited!

We already do which is a lot of fun.  But now, Lexie has an actual penpal from Canada, that is close to her age.  We sent our first “letter” this week.

We also got involved in the flat traveler group!  A flat traveler is a picture of a character/animal/person of your choice that is typically laminated; your family sends it to other families all over.  At each stop, the hosting family writes in the character’s journal about their many adventures.

We received a kitty cat “Miss Kitty,” from a family in Oklahoma, and she will go on many adventures with us, all the way to Memphis, TN and Hot Springs, AR!  

Watching Little Women

In the meantime, our flat traveler, Fred the Dolphin, is headed to Oklahoma for his own adventures!  Fred has a back story.

I will share it with you. (ha)

So, When Lexie was barely two, she would ask JTom to tell her stories.  At the time, she was learning her states on a state puzzle, and there was a dolphin out in the ocean {by Florida} on the puzzle.  J.Tom started telling Lexie stories about Fred the Dolphin, and over time, Fred and Lexie became great buddies.  Then Fred, Lexie and Max all became great buddies.  They go on lots of adventures together, and love to have lunch at a bistro in the bay.  Lexie and Max always have chicken, but Fred likes tuna. (?)

So, we made a flat traveler after our friend Fred, and sent him off to Oklahoma!

I can’t wait to share his adventures with everyone!

 You can find these groups on facebook.  Most are very, very closely monitored by admins.  They keep it safe, friendly, and fun.  You only have to share as much info as you’d like and never have to include pictures of your children, etc.  Again, just whatever you are comfortable with!

Do you and your family have penpal or host “flat travelers?” 

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