Peaceful Days {this season in life}

Some days, I just need a reminder- this too shall pass.  These are phases.  This season in life is hard, but you are doing everything you can to get through it in one piece without hurting little hearts.

My babies are beautiful, fun, sweet, funny, loving, and such a joy.  But these days are hard, exhausting, rarely rewarding, and sometimes I just feel like, “whew, we made it through today!”  That is good enough.

Some days I feel like we are just doing good to get meals eaten, the kitchen cleaned up, and little people dressed (or not…); that we didn’t play enough, or read enough stories.  I didn’t laugh enough, and give enough hugs.

There are hours where I wonder what was God thinking trusting me with such preciousness?  With such rambunctiousness?  With such sweet hearts?  Am I cut out to show them His way?  To give them the gifts of time, unconditional love, and guidance that they need and so deserve?

But then I am reminded that with each season the winds change- life becomes less chaotic, more peaceful.  The waters calm and I can see the shore.

Days are filled with laughter, joy, sunshine, easy routines, lots of smiles, and snuggles galore.
peaceful days {Quiet in the Chaos} DSCN2430










And I know it is all worth it.

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