Oooh, happy days!

Graduation Party

The party was a HUGE hit.  J.Tom did a wonderful job putting everything together and making it a special day for us.  The only complaint is really the BBQ we got from Sams-TERRIBLE!  The brisket was really good, but the BBQ was not.  I feel really bad for the people that ate the bbq..  ick!  Mama’s beans and pasta salad were good and of course the cookiecake from Sams was delectable.  =)

Lexie officially has 2 new teeth; through all the ear pulling, crying, fussiness, not eat/nursing well, diaper rashes, and drooling came the top two middle teeth!  She has such a terrible time teething and these last 2 were the worst so far.  We still have so many to go, but I sure hope we get more then a few weeks break this time.

Mrs. Susie brought the walker from her house for Lexie to play with outside during the party-SHE LOVES IT!  She goes backwards, forwards, side ways, EVERYways!  haha  We are keeping it for a while.  We are probably going to play with it outside this afternoon, it is so nice out there!

I’m stuck!  (she does this a lot)

Look who’s got me!

She knows patty cake now-when I sing it she starts to clap and bounce.  She said MAMA this morning, but only repeated it, didn’t say it on her own…  but at least she is saying it now.  We are working through some “mini fits”-AKA baby tantrums.  Meal time is really a challenge which is strange, because Lexie LOVES to eat.  But lately she is refusing food; sometimes it is all food, sometimes it is just the homemade foods I do, sometimes it is just green stuff… you just never know.  But I am HOPING and praying this is either A) teething or B) a phase or possibly both.  But I’m not sure and it is so frustrating and worrying not knowing what it is! 

I did not know I could be this happy-it is amazing, really.  It is exhausting, yet so rewarding.  I love being a stay at home wife and mom.  I fix J.Tom’s lunch each day, which usually looks something like this:
It’s not really as much as it first appears to be; sandwich, veggies with dip, oranges, and some laughing cow cheese.  Yum Yum!

I have a schedule of things to do and what needs to be done.  Each day I do a different chore, and then once a week I deep clean.  It is all about time management.  If you manage your time SOME days you have time to play online, blog, or just rest.  I am usually up and about though.  

Did I mention the car wash took off my car panel?  Yes, that is right-your $40,000 vehicles are put together using… wait for it… DOUBLE SIDED STICKY TAPE!  So, I have to go this week and get that put back on.  We also have to run errands to return a few things and get my necklace chain fixed, I feel naky without it.  Anyways, that is what we’ve been up to around here  =)

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