Online Math Practice with I Know It

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I Know It
I Know It is an online math program for students in K-5th grade to practice math skills; we are reviewing the 1-year family subscription for up to 4 students. This is a supplemental program to your regular math curriculum t0 help students to grow in skills, and for parents to track progress with assessment. Children will enjoy the customized learning they will receive, as well as the ease of use.

I Know It- Online Math Skills Supplementation

About I Know It

I Know It is easy to use, with large fonts and on an easy to navigate site. The questions students work through have hints when needed, and parents can select how many hints they receive. Incorrect answers result in the correct answer, along with an explanation for the correct answer. To switch from parent to student, you click change user in the upper right corner- so much simpler than other programs I’ve tried in the past.

To see what each grade level covers, you can simply click on the large grade level numbers in the top left of the screen.

I Know It- Online Math Skills Supplementation

Students can work through the grade level at their own pace, or the teacher/parent can click on the skills in this list, and easily choose which child to assign it to:

I Know It- Online Math Skills Supplementation

For Parents or teachers there are many tracking tools, and options for customizing practice for students. They are easy to use and not overwhelming like some online programs can be. Parents can choose which standards they want to use, including the option for no standards. You can set the grade level for the student, and choose the specific level at which they work; this is going to be very handy for parents that have homeschoolers working above or below their current grade level. Students with learning differences and those that are advanced can have their I Know It level customized to fit their needs.

There is an option for having the questions read aloud to the student, and parents can change the setting for a man or woman’s voice. I really like that parents can disable to animations- for some students this is very motivating and fun, while for others it can be distracting and create problems for them.

Having the options to customize the program for each student is what really I Know It apart from other supplemental programs. Check them out!

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