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I get a lot of questions about homeschool math from mamas wanting to know what is out there besides the traditional programs. Today, I get to share a new-to-me math program with you!

Educo International Inc. offers Educo Learning Center, an online math program with corresponding workbooks, for students in 1-8th grade. This is a math program that provides practice and mastery of over 8,000 math skills. This is a subscription program for families or schools. We used Educo learning Center with 3 children, grades 1, 4, and 5.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math


How It Works

This program works best for most students if they are practicing using the computer and their corresponding workbook.

For the online portion, each student will login from the main family screen, using their own login information. Upon logging in, they will see a status update/progress report of their work. After clicking continue, students will be taken to their screen that provides access to all their activites/lessons, practice and quizzes. There are also pre and post tests to help with placement.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

The program focuses on: Learn, Practice, Apply, and Excel.

First students will learn the skills via animated instruction. These are not video based classes, but the instructions were clear enough for all 3 of my children that used the program. We used it for grades 1, 4, and 5. None of my kids had any trouble with this program or understanding what the illustrations were explaining.

The step by step illustrations especially help students who learn best through visual examples, not just viral explanation (which is most elementary aged kids, as this is developmentally appropriate).  The tutorial also includes activities; these are a lot of fun! The puzzles and games are interesting and similar to brain teasers. Because it is interactive, most children will find this fun to do. Using the computer with a mouse was simple and my kids did really well with this portion. I really like that the program is paced well, but if you need to slow down or speed up, that is an option.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

tutorial 1


Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

activity example

Next is the practice. Here students use the practice sheets in their portal to apply what they have learned, sort of like doing interactive worksheets. If students choose not to do the practice, they can go ahead and take the quiz; this is up to you and your child. Some students will be starting mid year, or past a certain point in the program, so this may be a good way to show mastery without having them start all over. Here students will receive instant feedback on their progress- if they clearly need help, they can stop and go back to the activities and lessons. My kids chose to do this a few times, but overall they went through the practice sheets. The feedback also provides step by step solutions, with the option to attempt the problem again.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

(I like that the program utilizes practice sheets, puzzles, estimation and critical thinking skills, conceptual understanding activities, and higher order thinking skills. Some of this may or may not be important to your homeschool, depending on the regulations where you homeschool. For those of you needing to meet certain criteria, this program will likely meet those needs. And if you don’t have strict criteria to meet, this is just bonus!)


There is also the physical workbook. This practice is what I prefer as a mom, because that’s how my brain works. But once I got used to a computer program, Edcuco’s layout is so easy to assess how my kids are doing! I really like it. Glancing at their scores vs having to grade each practice myself, and check all their papers is really nice! Everything is right there for you in your dashboard. The workbook comes in handy when your students need extra practice, but also encourages the important reading and writing math skills.

My 7 year old did much better with this than I expected; Educo is pretty different than our regular math. But after doing their tutorials she got it!

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

At the end of each section, students will do a review and take a test to be sure they understand what they have learned, and can apply it outside of the individual lesson. This is very similar to all other math programs; I really like seeing my kids review and apply, because ooooh how quickly we forget 😉

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

I love that the program is so easy to use for parents and children. Navigating the site is so simple, getting back to parent view is simple, and knowing where your kids are in math, and what skills they need help with is simple! I think this is a great math program, especially is you’re a large family. Using it as a supplement program is also great! That’s how we used it and each of my kids did well with it.


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