One month, One week

Well, here we are. The final stretch of this pregnancy. We had one month from yesterday, and I’m not sure what to make of it.

The crib was delivered a few days ago, it’s beautiful! The color is perfect; J.Tom is getting the paint matched in the morning at Peter’s Paint. Then he is going to paint the dresser and chest of drawers while I am gone to the baby shower my girlfriends are having for us. And hopefully we can get the crib together tomorrow night. Then I can play in the nursery all week! :). I haven’t been able to do any nesting; none of the child’s clothes or linens have been wash and out away. Heck, I don’t even know what we have in the way of clothes! I know I have some footie pajamas I bought in Branson, but other than that I don’t think I have any newborn or 0-3 clothes for him. I know I don’t have any blankets, all of lexie’s, and I mean ALL, we’re pink. I think I have a few swaddle blankets that were gender neutral, I know I had one blue one for like 3-6 months.

So, needless to say I am playing catch up for the next 2-3 weeks, so I just hope Max likes it in there. We don’t have time for an early baby!

I wrote the first half of this at the beginning of August. Today is August 25, tomorrow will be one week to our due date. Everything is D O N E! Lexie’s party was a success- she had a blast, the food was wonderful, and the cake was beautiful! I have finished the bedding, JTom painted the furniture, put together the swing set (which Lexie loves), and finished installing the counters. I’ve made the baby a blanket, some burp cloths (but still have more to complete) and washed all his clothes. My girlfriends gave us a wonderful little shower where we got some much needed boy things- diaper bag, washcloths, bibs, blankets, and more! The pack n play is set up w the bassinet attachment ready for baby, and we made room in the storage shed for the double jogger. It’s surprising how much stuff a baby can own! My husband had been looking at small storage sheds for a while now and when I realized I was pregnant again, I knew we’d need some extra storage. It’ll be really useful to have the extra space to put all of the baby things in. I’ve been getting a few quotes from some custom shed builders since a custom shed is my real dream. How amazing would that be? I can’t wait for the extra storage!

Now we are waiting on Max! And boy, am I ready- I am enjoying the last days alone with Lexie; and my last few nights of almost complete sleep… But I am anxious to see him, hold him, and let Lexie meet him. I asked her yesterday when Baby Max is coming and she replied, “soon.” I was sure hoping for something a little more specific … maybe Saturday at 10:35PM, would have been nice?

Anyway, after telling me at 36 weeks he would let me go over by 1 week, the doctor is saying he won’t “make” me get an induction, but he doesn’t want the baby getting too big. At my last appointment, he mentioned inducing THIS week, if I am dilated and effaced enough. Going into a full blow panic attack, I told him we would N O T be inducing this week. So, I’ve been walking, taking my evening primrose oil, bouncing on my ball, etc. No real contractions …. no nothing. Since Monday (after my appointment) I’ve had a non stop messed up tummy, and I thought for SURE that was the beginning of labor. I was wrong.

So here we are, waiting. This afternoon when Lexie wakes up we are going for a walk, and then I am coming in to bounce some more.

On a different note, sort of, the chickens are laying more eggs! We are getting 5 eggs a day now- 2 of the red girls started laying 3 weeks early! Pretty soon we will have more eggs than we can eat in a week, so I am going to try and sell them by the dozen. =)

Ok, pray for a safe labor and delivery of baby Max (and preferably one that happens soon!).

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