On The Farm: Wrapping up October

Last month on the farm was spent raising baby laying chicks, raising meat chickens, and adding a new pet/worker to the farm- Thora the Great Pyrenees.

The gardens have been pulled, turned, and prepped for winter.  We still have expansions to make in one garden but we can do that this winter.  Though it has been pretty productive, there is still much to be done.  J.Tom has been cutting trees for firewood and kindling.  The front porch is full and there are a few other places he has stacks of wood scattered about for drying.

I just put the laying chicks out to their coop this week (November 15th).  The meat chickens will be butchered Wednesday, Nov 18th.  JTom is working on final plans for the pet chickens’ big coop.  I have been working in the basement to get things finished and unpacked down there.  There isn’t too much left to do, so hopefully we will have that done soon.

We have spent much of our time after dark by the fire inside.  Thankfully the fireplace is also a furnace, and the heat is pushed through the air ducts to warms the house!  It is wonderful!  We’ve had some cool, misty days here in Kansas the last few weeks too, and I love a fire on a cool fall day.

Fire on the Farm {Oct 2015}

We do have 3-4 too many rooster in our laying chicks, so they will be going back where they came from in exchange for 2 more chicks each.  Hopefully most of those turn out to be hens!  Apparently,  if a chicken has a red crest and is under 4-5 months old, it has a 99.9% chance of being a roo.  =(  So .. we will keep the barred rock and RIR-looking roos; the other boys will go back.

We finished the month of October with s’mores at the fire pit- it was perfect!

Closing October 2015 on the Farm {smores}

I will update in a few weeks for the month of November.

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