On The Farm: Wrapping Up November {2015}

So … about Thora.  She is still very much a puppy.  And while she loves to love on all of us, be near us, and generally obeys commands, she is still a puppy.

And puppies chase things and are just naughty in general.  And BIG puppies like to show their authority using their big-ness.  This particular BIG puppy likes to dig giant size holes looking for *wait for it* …

moles. (I think because the cats catch moles and she wants one for herself.)

So we have small-human sized holes in our yard now.  Which is okay, we can fill them in … but man.  She is a mess!  She sure is loyal though and definitely My girl.

November on the Farm

The laying hens and two roosters have moved out to their coop.  They really need a nicer, new coop with more room and no drafts.  But right now they seem okay, if annoyed by their damp, drafty conditions.  They are not yet free ranging … we have to do some engineering for Thora a runner before she can be introduced to them full time!

We exchanged 1 possible rooster for another 5 week old chick, but will be returning 3 other possible roosters soon for more baby chicks.  We didn’t get them before Thanksgiving because we would be traveling, and wittle baby chicks need daily care.

We came home from Thanksgiving to ice everywhere!  Everything is covered in a few inches of ice; we are just praying we keep power.

Overall, things are looking good for the winter.  The weather is back up in the 50’s which is very nice!  The kids have been playing outside, and enjoying the weekends with their daddy.  Hopefully the winter doesn’t get too bitter and windy!

How was November for your family?

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