On The Farm: Calf and Chicken Update

The calves are now 2 months old.  They are still on milk, but I think we are weaning them soon.  That should be interesting, since they are BEYOND obsessed with their milk- much worse than any 12 month old human baby.  haha

The chickens are all good and healthy.  They gave us our first eggs on Easter, and give between 3-5 a day, depending on how much we disturb them during the day.  As they mature and get used to laying, that number should level out to about 1 egg per chicken per day.

Calf and Chicken update {march 2016}
We had many more chickens, but it turned out 6-7 were roosters, so we culled 4 or 5 (I can’t remember) and are left with two roosters and 6 hens.

I will tell you- buying straight run is just not worth it in the end; we ended up with way too many roosters.  I will do as I did in Arkansas, and purchase form McMurray Hatchery from now on (that’s where my next batch are coming from.  Can’t wait!).

J.Tom is still working on completing the new coop; it has been on the back burner for a bit while we prep the garden and flower beds.  They are find in their little coop for now.

Below is a pretty terrible video I shot spur of the moment yesterday of the calves and chickens.


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