Not Enough Time in the Day

OK, so before I begin this post, I want to tell you I have a very exciting announcement to make!  I won’t reveal it until Wednesday but I can’t wait.  God has really done something big in my life this last month, and I pray it will bless all my readers as well!  OK, on to this post-

I’ve been struggling with my days lately.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for everything I need and want to accomplish.

If I start at the beginning of the day, and fit everything in, it would look something like this:

  • wake at 6:00am coffee and news with JTom
  • Get the kids up at 7
  • breakfast and Bible together
  • then play with mommy time after daddy goes to work
  • Max nap/Lexie learning time
  • Lexie independent play/mommy workout time/on Wed this is mommy deep cleaning time
  • 10:30 snacks
  • Play time
  • 12:00 lunch with daddy
  • 12:40-1:00 everyone down for naps
  • Mommy time- pay bills, rest, clean house, prepare dinner, work on activities for Lexie, blog(?) FYI: this doesn’t all fit into a 2 hour time slot…
  • 3:00pm everyone up from naps
  • snacks for all
  • play time/outside/messy play
  • 5:00 daddy home 5:30pm dinner
  • 6:30 or 7pm bedtime for all (depending on naps)
  • Mommy collapses in bed, a good book in hand (hahaha right, that hasn’t happened in over a year)

This looks so neat on paper.  But life is not neat, and my days rarely end up looking like this.  It isn’t the kids’ “faults”, they fall into routine perfectly, without assistance from me at all.  

{I swear, if I were sick in bed, Lexie could run the day provided she could reach the peanut butter, milk, and Max’s food.  No joke- the girl goes around and baby proofs everything before she and Max play- she picks up “icky dirty shoes,” closes doors, puts up waste baskets, and blocks the stairs with our makeshift baby gate.  So, have no fear family, if this Mama falls ill and Daddy isn’t in town, Lexie will pick up the slack!}

Back to the point, I get in my own way.  If I would prepare everything the night before for the following day, like I always did with Lexie, life would be so much easier on me.  Therefore it would be easier on the kids.

God’s priorities for me and my time at home aren’t to spend my waking hours scrambling around like a chicken with its head cut off all day, being pulled in one direction or the other.

If I prepare myself ahead of time, for what I know is coming tomorrow, won’t it make tomorrow easier?  

Won’t it be easier to find time to plan out weekly activities for Lexie’s learning obsession?

Or to fit in my workout, and independent play for Lexie (which she also needs and enjoys).

I’ve been playing with our routines between naps and feedings lately, and nothing has fit just right.

I’m pretty sure that as I write this, I have had an epiphany: go to the kitchen and prep snacks and lunches for tomorrow- get it organized now, so I don’t have to think on my toes tomorrow, and therefore have more time with my littles.

So that’s where I am headed … today marks the beginning of me getting back to my old self, in terms of organization.  

Since the move I have felt overwhelmed and a bit uninspired in certain areas of my life.  But Lexie is almost 3 and my boy is almost 1, and there is no better time than now (or maybe yesterday…?) to make more time to be with them, in the moment, and feel less stressed.

Please tell me, how do you keep your life at home organized to make things easier on you?