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N is for Nature {QuietintheChaos.com}

Growing up, mine and my brother’s favorite thing was being outside, in nature.  Climbing trees, digging in dirt, fishing-basically anything outdoors we were down for.

My favorite past times of high school are those fishing with my friends on Pickwick lake, at a friend’s pond, or going on early morning squirrel hunts.

Mine and my husband’s first date was fishing at Shelby Farms in Memphis-that’s the first place he kissed me, where we took our dogs on picnics, and flew kites (yes- 18 and 24 year old fly kites!).  We camped, fished, canoed, and hunted our way through the first years of our relationship and marriage.

Our children are growing up loving the outdoors- they love to camp, fish, walk by the creek in town, “work” in the garden, and hear about daddy’s hunting adventures which they are sure to join  him on one day.

God gave us one of the most precious gifts for our enjoyment-


I wonder what Adam thought when God gave him reign over the earth?  When God told him to name the animals, enjoy the fruits of the trees, use their leaves for medicine.

Did he know how amazing that was?  Did he know God had given him everything he would ever need?

What I love about homeschool is we can stop, in the middle of the most beautiful warm day and go lay in the grass; breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun and thank God for the most beautiful gift and responsibility.

I love that integrated into my children’s education is how God works in nature.  I like that everything they are learning links back to how God created it, and that science can fully support our God’s work.

In my life, in our family, and in our homeschool N is definitely for nature.

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