My baby is growing up =*(

…. and I don’t like it one bit.  Lexie is not only nearly 14 pounds and 26″ long, she is rolling, twisting and moving like crazy.  She does this especially at night… here is the problem: she is swaddled at night.  This becomes dangerous when they start rolling over, because they cannot move their arms to aid in rolling back over, or just moving their face from side to side.

So, tonight marks the beginning of weaning her from the swaddle blankets.  I took one arm out for now.  Hopefully this will not prevent her from sleeping well, because I NEED MY SLEEP!!  haha  We have such a good night time routine, and the swaddle is a big part of that, because she has never slept well outside of the swaddle.

Hopefully we will be successful.  Thank you to Naomi, for suggesting we try one arm at a time.  =)

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