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So, I mentioned in my last blog on the June calendar that we put a for sale sign in the yard. We made some necessary repairs and changes that will help us sell our home faster. Keeping our garden looking nice, getting roof repair austin, repainting, bits and bobs like that. And it’s worked because we have a family of 5 that is VERY interested and are working out their end of the kinks. The house may very well be sold-but I don’t want to get my hopes up and they have not made an offer, so we don’t really know anything yet. (I wrote this earlier in the month, as of today-the 25- we have not heard anything back from them, so it looks like it’s not sold after all).

In the meantime, at the end of this month (July), we are closing on a lot! It is in Lakeside school district, about 12 minutes from where we are now, but farther in the country (YAY), where we really want to be. We have not really been advertising this because I am superstitious and don’t like saying things will happen in case they don’t happen. SO, if something happens and we don’t close on it… that is just how it will be. I’m still not getting my hopes up though, so technically this is NOT an announcement that we are buying, it is just a statement that we may close at the end of the month. (You think that un-jinxed it?) Some people would say that being superstitious is not being faithful. And to some extent I would agree, but I am just a ritualistic OCD kinda girl, and not saying things out loud is part of that. Now, on to the rest of what I was saying..

Hopefully we can get our house sold soon, if not we will just wait a while to build on the lot.
Here is our TENTATIVE plan: Close on this new lot and/or sell our house, and rent while we build. We may begin building this year, or it may be a while… who knows?! This all depends on selling our current house. So just whatever, we are really in no rush. But the situation could always change and that would change our plan. (See how I am covering all my bases here…). I’ve even been thinking about putting the majority of our furniture into storage, at least until we get ourselves together. A friend of mine from Perth in Australia recently put her things into storage while she redecorated her new home. Storing in Balcatta and over here is just so easy when external storage providers exist!

So, now I will give you the link to our TENTATIVE house plans here. I don’t know if we will build this size or not. Big houses = more crap = more things to store and clean. Small houses= cramped with 3 or 4 kids. But, we have actually expanded this floor plan to be about 2300+ sq ft. We made the garage wider and the bedrooms bigger, and also will move the garage to face the side of the house to better fit our lot… we also made the closets bigger and changed up the kitchen. So, basically it is not the same house, but just the layout is the same. We have changed up the size of things and the location of some doors and storage spaces. If we decide that it will be too much house later on, then we may downsize a bit or upsize if not enough, we don’t know yet for sure. The main reason for this house design is A) I want that deep front porch with a swing at the end, B) I want a window over our kitchen sink that we can look out, C) we love the bungalow style columned porch, and D) it looks like HOME. It just does, doesn’t it? I mean it looks like a home you always want to come back to. That is why I like it. And we are already so blessed, so if we don’t get to build this house exactly, I will be fine. And if we do, it will be my dream home. I can always deal with smaller, as I’m in love with the layout and outside design not the size… not to mention the yard for the kids and the landscaping JTom has designed to go with it!

So, the above link is to the house that we would like to build on this lot:

That for sale sign is now gone =) But this is looking at the left side of the lot- see how nice and flat the top is (to your right) and then it slopes down a bit there to the left? The slope will be in the front yard.

Here you are looking at the Great Dane dog house that used to be on the property-we think it will be a chicken coop =)
Here you are looking at what will tentatively be the asphalt driveway going towards the neighbor’s house there.. The back of our house will sit facing that gray wooden fence

A more direct look at where the asphalt driveway and a side yard will be. It will go straight back towards the neighbor, and then turn left into our garage.

The left side of the house will face that new part of the fence, and the back towards the gray wooden fence

This is the front yard looking on from the side. It is on a slope a bit. The stop sign down there marks the corner of our BIG (.75 acre) corner lot.

The most important part of this lot for us was A) Lakeside school district and B) the size of the yard. We absolutely LOVE the yard we have right now, so when we found a lot just as big that already had the dirt work done, we jumped! Like I said it is out of town a ways, but in a small neighborhood like area. It isn’t all built up with houses. We were going to move to Barrie since we saw the perfect property on Barrie Real Estate but we decided to stay where we know and build the house ourselves! Most of the yards are this size or bigger and it is just like a rural area they have divided into large lots. Here is a quick story behind the lot: the guy who owns it built a house there and the house burned down. So, hopefully, it will be ours at the end of this month, the 30th to be exact. Here is a link to a map of the “neighborhood.” It shows the old house that was on the lot and gravel roads, which are now paved. If you play with it you can go to street view and see those details. Otherwise I think it is just the satellite image of the area.

So, there it is. I have blogged about it. Now, will I post this today which is July 10, or wait until we actually close? Knowing me, I will wait until it is all done! haha

I guess I decided it is Monday of the week OF, so it is okay to go ahead and post it. It’s really NOT that big a deal, I’m just silly like that.

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