Mornings With Jesus

Devotional Time in the Morning {Give me Jesus}

(Written in January 2017, published in April)

I heard God telling me he knew my hurt, he knew my disappointment and sadness.

Then I heard His promise- he would fulfill the desires of my heart. He wasn’t going to get the job done half way.

He wouldn’t provide a home, the little farm, the body and ability for hard work, and then just leave the rest unfulfilled.

He will provide that fellowship- but first I have to find it in Him.

And I did. This week I started back to getting up early, reading a devotional from Youversion, and following along in my Bible.  Then journaling and praying about it.  Trying to keep that intention through my day.

It is amazing what the Word of God can do in your spirit when you just give Him a few minutes every morning.

Thankfully, the baby’s eating & nap schedule has lengthened a bit; she has gone from a 3.5 hour to 4 hour routine, which means instead of my day being broken up into a million little 10-25 minute segments (between feedings, making meals, doing school, picking up, etc), I now have longer stretches between.

I was wondering why it seemed so hard to get everything squeezed into our day around here, and now I realize why!  When baby moves to a 4 hour schedule life is so. much. easier. (this usually happens between 4-6 months of age.)

This gives me more time in the morning to read to the kids, do devotionals, get our morning basket time in.  *yay*  I thought we were getting into a groove before, but now we are REALLY getting there!  YAY

I am thankful for my early mornings, my precious husband that wakes me up sweetly and has the coffee brewing before my feet hit the floor, and an Almighty that wants me to succeed, and be the best mama I can be.

How Do You Do Your Mornings?

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