More Birthday Pictures- Danny Albright Photography

Our talented friend, Danny Albright, and his family came to Lexie’s birthday party earlier this month.  While he was here, he captured many beautiful photos of Lexie and the party.  I wanted to post some of my favorites from that day.  
If you like what you see, 

Danny is in Arkansas and here is a link to his site: 

“Hi, Reid!”

Lexie is playing hard to get ..

The (not so good) Hungry Caterpillar yard sign I made for Lexie

It looks like she is miserable, but she was actually laughing

We want to thank Danny (and his family) for coming and taking such beautiful, fun pictures!  If you’re looking for someone to capture great moments at your party or gathering, you can comment here or email me for his information.

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  1. Ginny says:

    Sweet pictures. I had no idea how much sweet Lexie looked like her daddy until i saw the picture of them together! Wow! Nyla looks exactly like her daddy too. :0
    I love the sign you made for her, what a great idea. You really got into the whole theme, good for you! I just didn’t have the energy for all that.
    Love the pictures, what great memories of her first birthday!!

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