Mess Free Kids Paints {Kwik Stix Thin Stix- a review}

The Pencil Grip- Kwik Stix Tempera Paint

As any regular reader knows, we *love*The Pencil Grip, Inc., and their products! We have reviewed Kwik Stix before, but this time we are sharing our love for their Thin Stix Creativity Pack. These tempera paint sticks are quick, easy, and allow limitless creativity for your children (and you, too!).

The Creativity Pack has 24 vibrant colors, including the Kwik Stix bright and metallics-these are our favorite colors to use. You will also find, Thin Stix are non-toxic, as well as nut, egg, and gluten free! This means if you have a child that puts everything in their mouth, or “paints” their fingers, toes, and lips (like my 3 year old…), you can feel confident that they aren’t getting toxins or a common allergen in their mouth, or on their skin.

Easy, allergy and mess free art supplies- tempera paint sticks. Dry in 90 seconds, no cracks after drying, smooth, shiny finish. Fun and safe creativity!


What Are Thin Stix, and How We Use Them

Kwik Stix Thin Stix are a solid tempera paint, in a stick; These are mess free and 100% washable. There are NO cups, brushes, smocks, or spills! You use Kwik Stix just like you would a marker or glue stick- remove the lid, twist the paint up, and start creating. They really do dry in 90 seconds with no smudges, or sticking, and we have never had them stain our skin or clothing.

Thin Stix are much thinner than original Kwik Stix. These are taller and thinner, allowing more precision and detail on smaller surfaces, or in smaller spaces. They’re recommended for ages 3+, and trust me when I say children and adults of all ages will enjoy these paints! My children are 7, 5, 3, and 1; the baby doesn’t use them yet, because she would just eat them, but the others all love our Thin Stix.

I like that you can blend the colors before they dry, and layer them for even darker shades. The thinness of the paints in this set allows ease for writing and making details pop. The paint goes on so smoothly- in a satisfying, buttery-smooth kind of way. The metallics give just the right amount of “sparkle” to your project, and the bright colors are super neon! So much fun!


The uses for Thin Stix are really endless. My children are small, so we use them for creative fun on paper the most. It is *so* easy for this mama to whip out our art tote with all the Kwik Stix in it and let the kids go to town creating. My favorite on cold mornings is to let my kids paint and create after breakfast, before we begin our school day.

We have used Kwik Stix:

  • on plaster and paper mache projects
  • to create pictures
  • make thank you cards
  • create illustrations for homemade books and journals
  • to decorate poster board signs, banners
  • in coloring books
  • to mark answers on school work
  • marking bingo and other games
  • finger and hands print carfts
  • decorating pumpkins

You can use the Thin Stix Creativity Pack on just about any surface- if you can paint it, you can use Thin Stix on it- paper, poster board, wood, plaster, food (haha), canvas, and fabric- sometimes you may need to seal with a sealant if your project will be exposed to rain/the elements.

I really like that Thin Stix are developmentally appropriate for small children learning to hold writing/art tools, can be used at an easel, and are so easy to clean up! With 4 small children at home, a simple painting activity has to be planned in advanced with lots of room for messes- but not with Kwik Stix!

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