Menu Monday: The {first} One at the Farm

Menu Monday with

This is the first FULL week living at the farm (can we call it a farm if all we have right now is a garden on 40 acres?).  I have not yet unpacked everything, or decorated.  But I have organized and unpacked the entire kitchen!  😉  This real-food foodie is tired of peanut butter sandwiches and eating out.  It is nice to have real food again!

  • Monday: roasted chicken, fried okra, sliced tomatoes
  • Tuesday: Goolash
  • Wednesday: tuna fish sandwiches, sliced tomato, watermelon
  • Thursday: left overs
  • Friday: BBQ from local restaurant
  • Saturday: all beef hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade kraut, homemade chips

Breakfast will be eggs, blueberry muffins, oatmeal, and bacon.

It isn’t much, but at least it is mostly real food!  I hope to get our bedroom completely unboxed this week, the kids’ rooms unboxed and put together, and get curtains hung.  I will focus on decorating this weekend so we can get back to schooling next week.

How do you Menu Plan during the busy seasons?

Menu Plan Monday

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