Menu Monday {June 28} the one with garden veggies!

Menu Monday with

This week we are eating a lot of meat, but I will be able to cook double portions of most things for leftovers (thankfully).  Since Ila is eating all our foods now, and my 4.75yo eats as much as I do, leftovers have been slim lately!

Here is our menu this week:

Menu Monday Week of June 28

  • Sunday:  breakfast- country ham, eggs, toast with peanut butter
  • Monday: spaghetti with salad, bananas
  • Tuesday: hamburger skillet (I will have a post for this soon!  The kids loved it)
  • Wednesday: grilled all beef hot dogs, homemade kraut, salad, watermelon
  • Thursday: dinner out (this will soon end when we live in the boone docks!)
  • Friday: chicken and rice bake (but not baked … because my baking dish is still packed), salad, mango
  • Saturday:  steaks, grilled squash, grilled corn, sliced tomato

We have started getting lots of fresh veggies from the garden, so we will be grilling (and hopefully freezing) lots of them for meals!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

Menu Plan Monday