Meg’s Reading Round Up

This year, I want to actually keep track of the books I have read myself, and the books we read as a family. I am not 100% sure what this will look like. I’ve been on a great reading streak, not that baby 5 is 8 months old.

So far this year I have several books done, and we’ve finished a few as a family. I will also try to keep track of the picture books we have read, but no promises there. ?. Books I especially loves are marked with **

Some people have specific genres they love; I honestly have no idea what genres I love. I used to read Patricia Cornwell and true crime. Then Patricia Cornwell changed the writing of her books somehow… I’m not exactly sure what it was. But I couldn’t get through them after book 11 or so? Once I got marries and had kids, I started reading a lot of eBooks, because  my book light and lamp kept my husband awake. These days I’m sound asleep by 8:30pm ?

So now, I mostly read physical books and listen to audio books, in between my true crime podcasts. I read at nap time, a little before bed, and sometimes in the evenings while the family plays games.

There is no reading goal here- this is strictly a list of books I complete, as I complete them.

Oh- and I am also reading through the Bible this year with the Bible Recap (read the day’s reading, listen to the podcast), so hopefully I can add that to the end of my list this year!

Right now I am getting this published, but it isn’t complete. I will update as time allow to catch up. =)

My Book List

Family Book List

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