Max is Baptized

Today, sunday the 6th we had max’s baptism at church.  It was wonderful; he was so alert, and so happy.  Lexie told JTom while we were up there, ” i don’t want to baptize, daddy.  I don’t want to.”  She was pleased to see it was Max whom was getting baptized, and not her. Haha. She was relatively quiet in church; if you know Lexie, you know this is a big feat for her. Oh, my sweet little social butterfly. She did look like an angel today though. Im so proud of the little girl she has become. She is still a toddler, but acts older in so many ways. But the best part is, she is still a silly, funny, snuggly little “essie baby girl”. God just doesnt make them sweeter than her.

This morning at church, for Epiphany, we chose a paper star out of the collection plate with a word on it. We are supposed to apply this word to our life, so as to become better disciples for God. I am really going to focus on the word i selected, praying about it, and try to apply it in different parts of my life.
This coming week we have a lot of things to do in preparation for Nebraska. I have many, many, many lists to make. Most of our plans are up in the air until we hear back on the mortgage situation, closing dates, etc. after that, things should go more quickly. In the meantime, j.tom starts work there the 14th. The kids and i will wait here until things settle out. That means more responsibility around the house for me in the next few weeks, but nothing i haven’t done before. Please pray for his safety as he travels to NE this coming weekend, and as we prepare for the big changes ahead of us.

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