Mama and Mud {FMF}

tears, strength, joy

smile lines, and sparkles

stretch marks, sun spots

love, snuggles, and books.

memories made

Mama, thank you

Clearly I am not a poet. =)

I asked my kids what are a few words they think of when they hear the word mama.

These were a few of their words, plus a few I added of my own (stretch marks clearly wasn’t thought of by my children).  When Lexie said thank you, I could’ve cried.

Being a mama is so multifaceted.  It is emotional, and fun, and life changing.  But the best part is raising people that become adults whom one day you can look at and say, “I like this person!” I hope we get to those adult years.  For now, I like them a lot most of the time. 😉

I hope they grow up to be respectful, honest, God loving adults with a real relationship with Jesus. Until then I will continue loving, and teaching them … and fussing about the muddy clothes piled up in the garage. (which I am very, very thankful for)

As my husband tells me

We are so blessed to have happy, mischievous kids … Those muddy footprints are memories made.”

mama and mud- the mischievous 2 year old



Mama and mud- rainy day fun

rainy evening fun


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      Hi Kelly- thank you for dropping in! Looking forward to checking out your blog. =) And yes, those do make the memories!

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