LOTS of pictures .. lots and lots

I have mentioned that my video camera doubles as my every day camera.  While that isn’t ideal, it does get the job done and I love snapping pictures of my sweet girl.  Lately, all we do is play outside- all day long.  In our pajamas, in blue jeans … with hats on.  Outside is our favorite place to be.  And by “our” favorite place I mean Lexie’s, and therefore mine as well.

Also, I forgot to mention that last week, just before we left for our camping trip, Lou cut her first molar- a top back molar.  A few days later, she cut a bottom molar.  I think this explains some of our excessive crankiness because life has been easier the last 2-3 days.  (YAY)

fell down in the leaves

“laf. laf.” which translated is “leaf. leaf”

Just hanging out

Saw Daddy. Must follow Daddy.


“laf. laf”

sleepy baby

Mama-“lexie, leaves aren’t for eating.”  Lexie- “oh, like this?”

“num num laf”

“hey, what you doin?”

Isn’t it, though?

one of our birds.  eating us out of house and home, but Lexie loves them and so do we.

“awer. awer”

“ote. ote”

ready to go “ote. ote”

Mama- “stick”

Lexie- “MY stick”

Lexie- ” num. num stick”

“laf. laf. laf”




“what’s that over there?”


” and the mommies on the bus go ‘sh sh sh’.”

my coffee bar, Lexie’s toy chest and book shelf
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