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This is one of our favorite times of the year as a family. While the world is going full speed ahead with over commitment, stressful obligations, and an abundance of distracting noise, we like to take this opportunity to be home, in a relaxed environment with close friends, and focus on the blessings we have already been given. Most of all, Jesus.

Part of that time together as a family is spent playing games, enjoying movie nights, and of course … reading good books.  There are few things more enjoyable than hot cider, a bowl of popcorn, and some fun family time enjoying each other in all our craziness!

Here are our top Christmas Books this year, a few classics, and a few newbies (to our home):

  • The (illustrated) Narnia Series– We are reading The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe this December as a family, and I am *loving* it. I haven’t read C.S. Lewis since I was a child, and I honestly did not fall in love with them (mandatory reading in middle school). But my 8 year old has multiple copies, all falling a part, of each Narnia book, and has read them tens upon tens of times. So … I felt like we should try a one for Christmas time as a family. It has not disappointed!

  • A Christmas Wish for Corduroy This was sent to me in a precious Christmas package from my PRH publicity agent (along with an ornament and hot chocolate, y’all!) and let me tell you, she chose a perfect set for our family. This sweet story will take your  family back to the beginning; back to Corduroy’s first wish of becoming a special child’s toy. Each distinguishable thing about Corduroy makes him special, much like each person in our family, and those specials things are exactly what Lisa loves about him. Your family will find the classic Corduroy illustrations and a sweet story to inspire hope, perseverance, and love this Christmas season.
  • Corduroy Takes a Bow- The second title in my Christmas gift package was Corduroy Takes a Bow; during the time of year when we are all going to the theatre for ballets, Christmas Pageants, and plays, this is a perfect way to get children interested in the goings-on behind the scenes of their favorite show. Everyone loves Corduroy and his shenanigans, this sweet story is no different! We added both of the Corduroy titles to our Christmas book opening for the month of December and my kids have so enjoyed them.

  • The Christmas Story– Y’all. Come one now, Eloise Wilkin? Always. The answer is always. Her illustrations are just lovely and I haven’t found a single book with her name on the cover that isn’t just perfect.

A few more favorite titles:


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