Learning this week: Winnie the Pooh, coloring, and playdough

I am starting a new weekly/bi weekly update series on what specifically we have done this week in our homeschool or learning in general. Fun crafts and things will usually have their own posts, depending on the time and energy I have to blog them.

This week, Lexie is 4 months away from her third birthday! Oh em gee. I really cant believe my baby, my brilliant, strong willed, determined first born is almost three. (Remind me of this when she is turning 13, and 23….).

Last week we started reading our first chapter book- none other than A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh!

How appropriate, seeing how as a child my Memaw video taped every. single. episode. of Winnie the pooh (the new adventures mind you, not these ridiculous computerized versions… And long before Tigger or piglet had their own movies! I had the real deal, let me tell you).

Lexie loves to read, and she absolutely loves to pretend to read serious, big word books. Her little (formerly my own) Precious Moments Bible is so worn, because she brings it to me and says, “what’s this say?” Then I will read it to her, and she goes off and “reads” it to her dolls or the engines. (Yes, the engines are part of our family now …)

Her devotional is literally falling apart.  The cover is falling off, the pages are creased and crinkled. She has most of the pages memorized up to this date.  It is by far her favorite book in the house. 

We’ve had it since CHRISTMAS! It is 5 months old.

You must appreciate her passion for God and reading though…

So anyway, I thought with all these things combined, she would enjoy a chapter book read aloud.

Wow. To say the least.

I have to distract her bribe her so I can stop reading, or we would have the book read in a day. She likes to take the book and pretend she is reading it.  What she recites is a mixture of Winnie the Pooh, meets The Little Red Hen, meets the Bible… Quite eclectic, and entertaining.

Lexie has started coloring inside the lines! I know coloring books aren’t developmentally appropriate and hinder creativity. I know. I know.

But she refused to draw! She is my little perfectionist, type A, right brained baby, and drawing pictures is not her thing.  Two weeks ago she would shove a blank piece of paper across the table, crying and panicking, refusing to color! “No mommeeeeeee! You show me, you do it! Essie doesn’t know how!”

But give her a coloring sheet and she will color in the lines, draw pictures on top of it, make numbers and letters all over it … So maybe she has a blank paper phobia? (No, that’s not funny because it is a huge possibility.)  But I understand her thought process; she doesn’t know how to draw a picture like she sees in books, and therefore doesn’t want to do it.  Obviously I want to teacher her to do things out of her comfort zone, or things she doesn’t think she can do really well.  Slowly she has started coloring on some blank spots on her papers, so I am going to try blank paper again and see what happens.

Last week we played outside a lot, so I don’t have many pictures of learning activities…  But we did manage to squeeze in a little  bit of intentional inside learning fun.

We used playdoh to create letters.  Then we talked about the letter sounds, and different words that had that beginning and ending sound.  It was fun and she loved it.  We also cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and worked on her fine motor skills.  She had a lot of fun!

We decided Max needed some “playdoh,” but since he obviously puts everything in his mouth, we had to be creative.  Another mama online told me about shaving cream in a baggie.  I had a really hard time keeping the bag taped to his tray; and eventually he chewed a hole in it… but he had a lot of fun!  I added some non toxic paint in the baggie and let him squish it all around.

That has pretty much been our week.  We haven’t done any Before Five in a Row in a week or two.  I have ordered a printer and am waiting on it so we can do our lapbook/memory book activities to go with the books.  Today she found and picked up The Big Green Pocket Book off the shelf downstairs, so we read it.  Five times.  In a row.  Needless to say, that will be the next book we row!  haha

What have you been doing with your children this week?

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