L is for Laughter {Blogging through the ABCs}

L is for Laughter {Quietinthechaos.com}

My word for the year is smile.  I posted about why that is my word for this year here.

So going along with that, I have chosen laughter for L.  My children are truly happy children.  They are full of laughter and silliness.,  Everything is easy and happy, and unless they’re just having a rough day, our home is full of laughter.  Often times that laughter is between Lexie and Max as they play and pretend together.  They are best friends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is there anything better than laughing?  My husband can look at me and I will burst out into giggles.  Laughing reminds us that there is still so much good in the world, when we are surrounded by so much bad.

L is for Laughter {www.QuietInTheChaos.com}

Laughter allows us to be carefree, if only for a minute.  I mean, try laughing or listening to the laughter of a child and thinking about something worrisome at the same time.

You can’t do it.

So along with smile for my word of the year, I am adding laughter.

Because in 15-20 years, I won’t remember the 4 loads of laundry piled n the couch, or the crumbs on the floor, or all the clothes Mister decided to pull out of his drawers in search for just the right thing to wear (oooh, two year olds).

But I will remember the laughter, and the joy it brought all of us.

Baby Summary 19 Weeks {QuietInTheChaos.com}

So laugh, and be merry!

(Yes, i did in fact skip over K in this series.  I had a word for K, but just couldn’t come up with a post I was happy with.  So I have moved on to L.)

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