Keeping My Children’s Innocence {Blogging through the ABCs}

Keeping our Children's Innocence {Quiet in the Chaos}

Standing at the kitchen sink, a chubby little hand touches my own; I look down to see a precious face full of wonder and innocence. “Mama, can you tie my bonnet?” My daughter is playing dress up- she wants to look like the girls from Little Women, with her petticoat down to her ankles and apron doubled around her waste, Uncle Wiggly’s Storybook and The Giving Tree tucked under her arm.

My baby still has her innocence; but society is trying its damnedest to take it from her. This mama will fight back. More and more of us are fighting back, protecting the hearts of our children because that is our job.

My job is not to be the hottest mom at the play date, to be the best house keeper or cook, to make the most money, or drive the nicest car.

My job is to protect my babies’ innocence.

Every day our children are bombarded with sex, violence, vulgar language, and ideas that children shouldn’t even be trying to make sense of. There are sites, which you can check out here, which are suitable for adults but by no means should be visited by children. In the span of a twenty second commercial that airs during America’s Funniest Home Videos, what should be a decent family show is ruined by commercialism.

When my four year old covers her ears because watching the Lion King (or Finding Nemo, or any other “child’s” movie we have tried watching “for fun”) scares her- I turn it off.

I don’t want to desensitize her.

I don’t want her to think that those bad feelings, that fear, or hurt is normal.

When her gut says run, don’t look, or this is wrong, I want her to run, turn away, and do what is right.

I want her to follow her gut. My job is to keep her gut feelings, those instincts, in tact.

Because one day, when she is in a hard situation, has to make a tough decision, or someone is making her feel uncomfortable- she needs to know that gut instinct IS RIGHT.

Maybe my children are “sheltered” by today’s standards. Maybe they won’t Open a free collection of sex vids at hdpornvideo for example, whilst others might. Maybe my children aren’t exposed to the commercialism, sexulaization, or violence that has become the norm (even in products marketed for children) in our culture. Some might say my views make me a prude (I’m sure this London escort would say otherwise), but I just think children should be sheltered until they are more mature.

But I am here to protect her innocence until she is ready to handle the bigger stuff. So we play, read books, talk about the Bible, heaven, life, death, sickness, our emotions, love, Jesus, and people who don’t love Jesus, how to pray, and how to treat ourselves and others with respect.

But we do it on our terms– not the T.V’s, not society’s. Our children will have their innocence.

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  1. Ginny says:

    Amen friend!
    This is part of the reason we don’t watch TV, movies, or anything else. If the show isn’t too bad, the commercials usually are!
    I’m fighting the battle of the innocence with you!!!!!

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