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This week our letter is J.  My obvious choice was Jesus, but I settled on something else that involves Jesus.


It doesn’t matter if you are a work at home mom (this is stay at home moms too, because boy do we work!) or work outside the home mom- We are all juggling.

But a while back I vowed to stop juggling.  Stop just barely getting by with all areas of my life and really focus on what matters.

We juggle:

  • our relationships-with Christ, family, & friends
  • our responsibilities-at home, and outside the home
  • our personal extra curricular activities (all the extra things we love on top of our families and jobs)

In the past, I have had a hard time making time for everything I do and need in my life.

In the past … 5 years or so, my relationship with Christ has grown exponentially, (through work on my part and on His) and thus so have the other relationships in my life.

My responsibilities are numerous- from schooling the kids while training their hearts, keeping our home and paying bills, to taking care of myself (which always comes last) while doing what I love, which is sewing and blogging- there isn’t enough time for it all every single day.  (is that a messy sentence or what?  eh- I’m going to leave it.)

So I do drop the ball.  Sometimes I drop them all.  Jesus says that is okay. (thank you Jesus!)

I set out before Ila was born to prioritize my life.

And so I have.

I made a list of priorities and it hangs on my refrigerator.  Jesus and my marriage are at the top, followed by my children and my well being (aka exercise for mama *this is hard for me to fit into my day, because I always see something else that needs to be done.  but taking care of ME has to take priority to something).  Then tending our home.  And finally, blogging and sewing are at the bottom of that list.  And although it was hard for me to put those things in order, it had to be done.

Now, I can go about my day with intention (which was my word in 2014 .. or was it 2013?).  Because I am no longer juggling and barely getting by.

Once I got my priorities straight, starting with Jesus, everything else fell into place.

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