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So many updates!  Well first … we’re having a BOY this time!  The gender reveal party went great.  I think everyone had a good time; and although I killed myself was exhausted from getting everything ready, it was wonderful.  I am looking forward to our next party- Lexie’s BDAY, which will probably be the weekend of August 18th, because the baby is due Sept 2nd and who knows when he will get here…

But anyway, yea- so boy it is!  We are having a hard time deciding on names (unlike with Lexie) and I can’t find any bedding I like, so I may attempt making it.  I don’t want a “theme” I just want colors and patterns- plaids, solids, and boy paisleys.  I already have a quilt in the making that is for a boy, all I have to do is complete it and that’s what I’d like to base the nursery on.  I think; but that may change.  Here is the ultrasound picture- after 20 minutes of trying to find if he was a he or she, the tech finally got this pic, and a few others.  We did get a video of the ultrasound, and I finally got to watch it Saturday night- he is a stubborn little guy!

Updates on Lou Bug (19 months)- well let’s just say we are super officially in toddler-hood!  This child will carry on a full blown conversation in 3-4 word sentences.  It’s hilarious.  And she is SO serious about it, too.  She knows most of her colors- red, orange, blue, pink, purple, yellow, and white, and is still counting to 11.  She can identify all of her letters except N, she always has a tough time with N, and sometimes confuses X/Y, and W/M, and stumbles on Z.  Funny story, last week she walked into my room and said, “whew!  Messy Mama’s room!”  Well, I’ll be damned if we didn’t start cleaning up!  haha  She also says, “thank you, Mommy!” for just about everything when we are home and this morning thanked her milk after she took a drink of it.  Pretty funny kid.  I think my favorite thing she says is when she uses “too” appropriately- which is all the time!  It’s constantly, “daddy’s coming too” or “Mommy eats eggs too.”  So sweet.  She romps on everything, and loves to run everywhere she goes.  She has been helping me water outside and play in the flowers … her help is basically throwing dirt everywhere, and we have a GREAT time doing it!  =)

She still loves cleaning up, and knows that to go from one activity to the next, we clean up our mess.  We play outside just about every day; her favorite things outdoors are playing in the dirt, swinging, Scarlet, and her cars!  She is “going shopping!  See you later!”- all the time! 

Helping Mama build the new chick brooder

I have to watch her with the chicks because she loves them SO much, she likes to get into the feed and throw it at them to them.  But she means well.  This morning they just looked so big in their little 30 gallon brooder, so Lexie and I got busy building them a bigger one.  They L O V E it!  They’re getting so big already, and almost have all their feathers.  They are going to be gorgeous, plump ladies when they get older!  We cannot wait for fresh eggs!  Before we can leave the house or go outside, we have to stop and “kiss hug” the baby “cheeks” aka chicks.  haha  Anyway, they will eat out of our hands- Lexie just giggled and giggled this morning when they ate their crumbles from her hand.  It is such a neat experience, and although she may not remember it we will get to do it again one day.  I’m already addicted and thinking after these girls are producing this fall, maybe we need to get more chicks next spring and build another coop!  =)  I’m sure JTom will go for that- right!  haha

The girls love their new BIG brooder!

3 weeks old- Dolly, Ginger, and Tessa
3 weeks old-Essie and Soup

finger pain

Mama’s flapper girl!

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