Introducing…. Lexie Raye Wright

So, the BIG annoucement (as everyone knows by now) is that we are having a baby girl! We went to the doctor monday, April 12. In the video (not posted here) she is yawning and sucking her fingers and just being precious! =)

In this picture, she is trying to get her hand back in her mouth! She was sucking on her fingers in the video. We woke her up; apparently, 1:15 is her nap time, and after 35 minutes of trying to get her legs uncrossed, we were able to see she is a girl! I was SO wrong, because I was convinced she was a he! haha But I am very glad it is a girl!

I think she has my cheek bones, and J’s mouth… but I guess it is a little hard to tell just yet. =/ We will find out in about 4 more months!

Everyone is asking about names, so I thought I might mention what we have officailly decided on this morning… We both love Lexie (which is my Memaw’s name). And we considered Allison, my middle name. But I have never liked Allison (I went by Meghan Elizabeth for like 6 years as a kid. haha). So, we have decided on Raye-J’s sister’s middle name and also his dad’s middle name (but without an E). So, for now on baby girl is Lexie Raye Wright! YAY Naming was much easier than expected after we found out the gender.

Here is (Lexie) baby bump at 20 weeks:

(Speaking of cute clothes from earlier..) Gwennie (J’s mom) gave our baby girl her first footed pajamas today, and my good friend K gave baby girl her first blankets and burp cloths! A big thanks to them, I know baby girl will love them! Below are some of the jammies (pajamas) from Gwennie:

And here are the precious gifts from good friend, K: they are SO sweet!

And OF COURSE, I too could not resist today, and HAD to go buy a few things; I don’t have images of those yet. One is a Carter’s pajama gown that is dark pink with polka dots and the other is a gingham bubble outfit that is SO cute!


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