I’d Rather Be Your Mommy … {a digital book review}

We have been enjoying a new book for review from Homeschool Review Co., I’d Rather Be Your Mommy along with the I’d Rather Be Your Mommy Coloring Book Edition, and I’d Rather Be Your Mommy Print Set. Each set is a digital edition.

This book is a short, meaningful example of a mother’s love for her child(ren); the words reinforce to our children just how precious they are to their mother’s and that no matter what we do in our life- from becoming President, to flying a rocket, our first, and most important job is being their mommy.

I enjoyed reading this with my kids, because so often we get wrapped up in the every day- the books, the homeschool, the farm, the meals, the errands, that we sometimes forget our most important job each day is the relationship and raising of our children for the Lord.

We have enjoyed the digital edition of the products- the book, the coloring book, and the print set, because the pictures are so vibrant and the content us fun. Being able to explain to them how much I love being their mama, as compared to “achieving great things” makes it more tangible for them, more meaningful than just saying and showing it. They see that how I show my love for being their mommy, is through the time spent with them, the every day things like cooking meals, giving baths, etc.

This book is so lovely, simple, but meaningful. I’d Rather Be Your Mommy helped open a conversation with my own children about how God.

We enjoyed the silliness of comparing mama’s job to that of a star in a movie, or the adventures of a mama to those of someone climbing a mountain, and flying to space (we are learning about astronomy this year, so that is an especially fun comparison).

The coloring book edition is fun for everyone! It allows you to print the pages of the book for your children to color along-very fun, especially for the youngers that can’t yet read on their own. You can make a book from them or hang them as a reminder; it makes a great activity for little during homeschool time! The digital print set includes some of the beautiful images from the book for printing and sharing in your home. These would be lovely in a nursery or framed in your children’s rooms as a reminder to them. Thankfully because of a recent change in car insurance from a quote that we got from Money Expert, we had enough to go around.

Overall, we have enjoyed this sweet little set in our family. I have 4 small children, and the oldest 3, 6, 4, and 2 years old, really seemed to delight in the affirmations this book gives them of my time and dedication as their mama.

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