Horizons Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Set {a review}

For the past several weeks our family has been reviewing Alpha Omega Publication’s Horizons Preschool Set. I have been using it with my son who is almost three years old (just a few more weeks!).

The curriculum set is $125 and includes:

  • 2 student books- colorful, consumable worksheets
  • 2 teacher manuals- includes 180 lesson plans
  • music cd
  • resource packet: memory verse, ABC puzzle, & all flashcards

About Horizon’s Preschool Set

This is a Christian based program curriculum; there are 180 lessons included within 2 student books, 2 teacher guides that align with the student books, a fun music cd, and a resource packet that includes all your extras (flashcards, and black line masters for making copies).  It all arrived in a nice, colorful box that makes it so easy to keep everything together.

Horizons Preschool Set {a review}

There are 5 days of lessons per week (which is very easy to tweak if you prefer fewer days).

Each of the lessons begins with a scripture and Bible story lesson (which my son seemed to completely absorb), and then flows seamlessly into other subject lessons like social studies, phonics, math, PE, science and more!  You can see the Scope and Sequence here, (also included in the teacher’s manual,) which will tell you everything that is covered in this level.  That is what I used to decide which level Max needed to start with.

The student workbook is beautiful and clean; the pages are colorful with nice images, but are not so busy they are distracting or confusing for young learners.  The teacher’s manual has all the instructions for lessons and your coordinating pages to the student’s workbook pages.  It is easy to follow and literally walks you through everything you need to do/say for your student’s lessons (of course you can go off script, like we did for some lessons).

The music CD contains 17 children’s songs, as well as the instrumental singalong versions.  (thankfully) the lyrics are included which makes leading the songs much easier if you’re like me and don’t know them!  The kids also enjoyed listening to the CD in their room during independent play.

What We Thought About Horizon’s Preschool Set

We simply loved this!  I used the program with my (almost) 3 year old 3, sometimes 4 days a week.  It is written in a school or homeschool setting format.  If you are homeschooling, either you already know how to or soon will learn, to modify what you need for your family/students.  It is very easy to change what is written in the Preschool Set to fit your young child/ren learning at home!  New material is introduced on days 1, 3, and 5, using days 2 and 4 for review, so you can easily adjust for how many days a week your family does preschool.

I really liked that the set included SO much, because that meant I could go in-depth with what I felt really needed to be covered, skim over anything he just needed to review, OR review things that Max either really enjoyed, or didn’t quite grasp the first time.  I liked that they included all the resources I needed in the resource packet, which keeps me from needing to buy a bunch of accessories for teaching my children.  They are loose leaf, so you can either store them in the set box, or organize in folders like I did.

Preschool learning should be fun, SIMPLE, but meaningful, and that is exactly what I think Horizon’s has brought to the table.

I like that I didn’t need to try to find anything to add to this!  Like many homeschoolers I would rather have too much (meaning I don’t need it all) than not enough.

Because he enjoyed having his own preschool “work” like big sister, Mister really focused during the lessons and had fun with them.  He learned to use his fingers to count using 1:1 correspondence (which he is really obsessed with right now), and listened to the stories that were especially for him. =)  Max enjoyed the hands on activities so much, and this really showed me how much of a hands on learner he is (vs older sister who doesn’t need hands-on activities but also enjoys them).  

We have loved this program and will continue using it!

Horizons Preschool {a review}

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