Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up {October 21, 2016}

The past few weeks have been so fun in our homeschool!  Everyone is growing by leaps and bounds and I love being being part of it; the big squeeze hugs Mister gives me after each word he reads while exclaiming, “I read another word!” makes every hard homeschool moment worth it.

We are reading about Pocahontas in our Beautiful Feet study right now; Lexie has already read the book to herself, but reading it aloud to all of the kids makes it fun and she takes that opportunity to ask for clarification about vocabulary words she doesn’t understand or parts of the plot that she wants further explanation about.

In math Lexie and Max have both enjoyed using cusinaire rods to learn about how numbers work with each other, build on each other, and to help with skip counting.  Lexie is moving through her math curriculum really well, pretty much on her own.  But she is thinking about numbers so much outside of school in her play and conversations with us, I knew she needed a little more number sense to build on to better understand the math she is exploring in every day life.


Next week we are going to use base ten blocks to explore place value, skip counting, and changing numbers.

Max is following along with us, but mostly enjoys using the manipulatives to build hammers and trucks.

Mister is reading!  He is so proud of himself; he has known his letter sounds for ages now.  A few months back he began sounding out words, but couldn’t quite blend the sounds together, even with modeling.  And about 2 weeks ago, it just clicked!  It was SO wonderful and fun; he asks to read new words every school day.  We are using This Reading Mama’s Reading the Alphabet curriculum in conjunction with AAR Level 1.  He loves the little books that TRM’s curriculum includes, as well as the activities.  Next week I told him we could start reading Bob Books if he wanted.

I think his favorite part about learning to read isn’t just that he can read, which is huge for his confidence, but that he gets 1:1 time with mama just for reading. =)  He is reading to his sisters, and to me whenever he can.  Hopefully he enjoys growing and learning more; we probably won’t move as quickly as Lexie did, but who knows?  I didn’t think he would want to read this early, but we enjoyed playing with letters and words until he did.  Surprise!

In science we are covering the sun; we are moving really slowly through our science curriculum, but we are enjoying it.  Lexie enjoys working through the journal and *loves* the crossword puzzles.  Mister is tagging along.  We made our first KWL chart so they could visualize and learn about organizing their thoughts. One thing I really loved using in college for my methods courses were graphic organizers.

Lexie and Max are both working through their handwriting programs.  Lexie’s handwriting has improved so much, but only shows when she really tries to write neatly (which she likes to do and surprise me).  At the end of each week she is excited to show me her final copywork which is a Bible verse.  She uses A Reason for Handwriting’s B program.  Max has been working on pre-writing skills with Handwriting Without Tears and loves it.  He sits in my lap while we practice the different strokes while he colors.  Soon he gets to begin writing letters in his book.

We have been spending lots of time outside in this beautiful fall weather!  The kids all went through an obsession with caterpillars a few weeks back when they were everywhere.  Now, we are covered in beetles that look like lady bugs!  So we are about to start learning a bit about them.

We are also doing some FIAR activities with our FIAR books as we want.  Mostly we are discussing parts of the stories for now, like character traits and social awareness.  I *love* *love* *love* FIAR and the books that it covers- it is just great literature!  And because I don’t feel like we have to do every. single. thing. in the guide, we can just enjoy and savor quality books.  (and I don’t have to go on a hunt and make lists of books .. less work for me!)

And of course we like to follow other interest led learning trails, so whenever we come across something they want to know more about we just dive in!

We love homeschooling because we can be eclectic.  We can use curricula we love, and do our own thing without any boundaries to hold us back.  It’s a beautiful way to structure their education and build that love for learning!

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