Homeschool Supplies {Back to Homeschool- Day 2}

Must have School Supplies

Today’s Back to Homeschool Blog Hop topic is school supplies!

Who doesn’t love buying, organizing, smelling, and using new school supplies?

I loved it as a child, and maybe that’s why I wanted to be a teacher … Just kidding, just kidding.

But in all seriousness, we know school supplies are a must have. What is useful, and what isn’t necessary as homeschoolers?  What might we use that a typical school wouldn’t?

Here is my must have list of school supplies:

  • pencils- we use these traditional pencils, this pencil sharpener (I’ve had it since I was 12 … I am 31!), and these mechanical pencils  My mother in law took the kids on a nature walk and they used those mechanical pencils- I LOVE THEM! I bought a larger package and extra lead, because honestly, I hate sharpening pencils.  We do keep the Ticonderogas around though. (PS- the Ticonderoga’s are $10 at Costco right now!)
  • Crayons- self explanatory
  • Markers- we received the Mr. Sketch scented markers as gifts a few years back and the kids LOVE them. I do too, plus they are good quality and last a long time.
  • Construction paper- self explanatory, I think
  • Notebooks- of all kinds!  We keep mixed media, spiral bound, and composition notebooks on hand at all time.
  • Lined composition notebooks– LIFE SAVER for anyone with a young student but not ready for notebook paper lines. These on Amazon are double what I paid last December, so watch them for price drops, or find them elsewhere!
  • Scissors
  • Pencil boxes- depending on how you organize your homeschool, pencil boxes may be a must have. We use them to hold each child’s pencils, eraser, and crayons.  We use a caddy (see below) for our markers, colored pencils, and Kwik Stix
  • Spinning tools caddy- I got mine online at Hobby Lobby using a coupon, but you can find similar ones on Amazon or at other craft store.

Extra Supplies

These aren’t necessarily must haves, but they are things we enjoy using

  • This 10 drawer organizer is perfect for workboxes. My oldest doesn’t use this system anymore, BUT my 5yo and 3Yo keep their work in the drawers. I may get another and go back to using it for my oldest … we will see.
  • This file box– This is what I started using for my oldest last year. I took a part all her workbooks (math, handwriting, LA, etc) and divided them up into week.  Each week we went to the appropriately numbered folder, placed it on her clip board and that was her work for the week! She could finish as quickly or slowly as she wanted, as long as it was done by Friday. I *love* this set up because virtually everything on the clipboard is independent work which makes working with my other easier.  I am going to try to implement it this year as well, although her LA and things are a bit different.
  • dry erase board and markers– I know not everyone needs this, but it helps us tremendously.  My daughter often asks me how to spell things and this way I can write it for her, model certain lessons, keep a Bible verse up for the week, etc. Using this for some odd reasons captures everyones attention and my middle 2 have learned so much just by watching me model on the board. (and the little magnets have come in SO handy!)
  • Personal lined dry erase board and skinny markers– this thing is a life saver for younger children.  A huge piece of paper can be daunting, but practicing handwriting, words, spelling, etc on this is more fun and easier for my young students.
  • Basket– any structured basket that is large enough to hold a few books, a memory card box, and anything else you use for morning basket will work.
  • Kwik Stix- I’ve written several reviews for The Pencil Grip Co.’s Kwik Stix. They are just awesome, we use them for everything, and they make great gifts!


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