Homeschool Preschool:What we are learning this week

This week (and last week) we have been rowing The Big Green Pocketbook.  Like with all our BFIAR books so far, Lexie LOVES this book.  We haven’t done a lot of paper activities with this one, mainly because it’s hard to find any.  I don’t know how to create files for activities, but I want to learn!  I have so many ideas and applications in my head; I just need to get them on paper (or screen, rather).

This is such a fun book, and there are so many real-life learning opportunities for it.  It’s about a girl who takes her big green pocketbook while she runs errands with her mama.  They ride the bus from their house in the country, into town.

Many families who have rowed this book took their child on a real bus ride … but we don’t have a bus system here in York (ha!).  So, I am thinking if we have time, when we visit Memphis we may ride the trolley!  I know she would love that.

This week we have sorta changed up our routine.  We have been doing our Bible at breakfast (like always) but then do our BFIAR story (and other favorites) followed by calendar.  She has been wanting to read in the big chair downstairs, vs the rug.  I love that time together.  Max either sits in my lap, or plays on the floor.  Since he is crawling now, he is much more into the floor than he is sitting in my lap.

The great thing about schooling at home is learning doesn’t have to look like it does in the public school classroom if it doesn’t fit our needs.  As a trained teacher and product of a wonderful public school, I naturally gravitate towards the order and routine of a classroom.  But we don’t stick to it like a schedule.  We do what works, some days we don’t do it at all and just read books all day, play with manipulatives, etc.  

I’ve mentioned before, Lexie LOVES the routine of “school.”  She has (on her own) started putting on her little backpack for our learning time, so we can do “school.”  I never wanted to put a label on what we do, but I guess because she has been in preschool before, she put the similarities together?  I know not all children just love learning, reading books, or doing “activities,” and that all of mine won’t be.  That’s the great thing about homeschool- we can modify and adjust to fit everyone’s needs easily.

But Lou is like me, she’s type A and loves school and learning.  We will do what she enjoys, so her love of learning doesn’t dwindle.

Our very loose learning plans/activities for this week included:


Fruit of the Spirit lessons from Raising Arrows (Lexie is loving this!); Galatians 5:22
Luke chapter 15
The Parable of the Lost Coin- originally just a one day reading, she requests this every single day!

Fruit of the Spirit chart


The Big Green Pocketbook– We did a few rowing activities with this book, but just for coloring/fine motor practice.  Everything is just for fun at this age  =)
Introduced “No, David!” (this is not my typical type of book to read or enjoy, but when I worked in childcare my 3 & 4 year olds LOVED it.  and I know Lexie is old enough to understand the character lessons in the book as “not good choices” vs things we should do).  


Talking about the short vowel A sound (very loosely, nothing formal)
Tracing letters P and A- tracing in shaving cream, on ipad app, with crayons, etc
Building letters with letter construction set
Rhyming words


Growing lettuce and our KiwiBox (which is planting seeds)
water beads/absportion


making green paint by mixing colors
water beads with shaving cream on light table- we also mixed food coloring to make everything orange (her favorite color) … as it turns out it colors the water beads, permanently! 
oobleck in the bathtub


Sorting by size and color (with sorting bears)
making numbers with playdough
building with magnatiles (as always …)

Life Skills

Talking about good manners while on outings (like the girl from our BFIAR story)
Table manners (she tells me “I can’t talk, I have food in my mouth … haha)

We have done a lot more indoor activities this week because it has been cloudy and damp outside.  We need the rain, so complaints here!  Plus, we didn’t do much last week because we were outside so much.

Putting the goodies from out story in her Big Green Pocketbook

Having a picnic with Bubby

Messy fun

What fun did you have with your littles this week, at home or out and about?

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  1. Kasey says:

    You have not only impressed me (which I know was NOT your goal!) but you have totally inspired me!! I love that you have planned this out. I fly by the seat of my pants with my littlest ones and they end up not getting half of what I intend. Thank you! Swing by again today and link-up your latest inspiration if you get a chance. I’d love to have you!

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