Homeschool Planner with The Old Schoolhouse® {a review}

The Old Schoolhouse® has issued their Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year written by Gena Suarez! This year’s cover is absolutely beautiful. This homeschool planner is going to keep you organized, and on top of your game this year!

You may have read about how I plan before, but mostly I journal what we have done as we do it. The other thing I do is plan out developmental and educational goals for each child for the year (this includes the tot as well). These plans remind me of our goals as we go through the year, and I am able to write out how they have accomplished that goal, vs worrying about adding in a lot of worksheets/busy-work as “evidence” for our hard work. =)

The Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner has metal spiral binding, thick, high quality paper, numbered pages, and so much potential for the school year! The monthly calendar spreads begin with July 2019, and provide ample room for writing in special dates, activities, doodles, lists, and all the things! All the monthly calendar spreads with their coordinating devotional, and notes pages are found in the front of the planner.

All the week of pages are found after that; their spreads again, offer freedom to plan in a way that fits you best! If you’re taking off a week- no need to fill in the dates and information. You can use the grid however best suits your family. There are columns for 5 children, and 7 rows to fill however you wish- days of the week or by subject.

My favorite part of the planner are the goals pages-

In the back of the planner are goals pages for each child (up to 5). These pages contain goals for the year, and then provide forms for you to break those goals down by semester.

So how I use these pages, and incorporate it into the rest of my planner?

I write out the goals for each child under the yearly form. Then I break that down into semester goals, on the correlating page. I will then go to the monthly spread we are working in (August for example), and jot down the goals we want to work on that month. This keeps the goals right in my face, where I will see it and know we have a focus, an intention for all we are doing (both at the school table and in life). That makes it so easy to know what we have accomplished, what we are still working on, struggling on, and brings to light what we may need to add to our goals.


The Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner has room for everything you need to plan your school year! The space, mama devotionals, and planning forms will help keep you organized, on top of goals, and feeling confident! It has really helped me think about how we can simplify and amplify our homeschool learning!

They’ve already sold out 98% of this print run, and have no plans to print more this year. So hurry and get yours!

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