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Math Essentials has done it again, with a great homeschool math helper! This time my 5th grader has been using their Basic Math Skills Rescue Parts 1 and 2. This is a 2 part math series designed to help mathl students master the critical, foundational skills in grades 3-algebra. This is going to be a wonderful resource for homeschoolers needing extra practice or help getting down those hard to grasp skills!

Math Essentials- Math Skills Rescue

I can’t tell you what a great time it was for our family to use this series. Though she has only worked in book 1, the extra practice has been such a great help for my 11 year old. Long division with 2 digit divisors y’all … it’s taking more effort than math skills in the past.

About the Books

These lessons are short, concise and help students with the math they need to know, with each topic building on the next. It has really been a helpful practice for my daughter. The back of the book has the answer key, which is helpful for student’s self checking, or for parents. These skills are all the same things we are learning in our math curriculum; it lines up perfectly in 5th grade! I know if we can get through these books, pre algebra and algebra are going to be so much easier for my girl.

Book 1 covers topics:

  • Whole numbers & integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals

Book 2 covers:

  • Geometry
  • Problem Solving using all the above skills
  • More Advanced Pre-Algebra Skills

Math Essentials- Math Skills Rescue

With a strong background in these areas, students will be prepared for success in algebra and beyond.

The cover of each book is thick and glossy. The pages are a thick, white paper that just barely shadows, but does not bleed through. They are 242, and 248 pages long respectively. The back of each book has a glossary with terms used, and some very helpful charts- charts for symbols, fraction equivalents (woo hoo), and squares and square roots just to name a few. The first are pages are resources for parents, including tips for using the online video tutorials, notes to parents, and a How to Use This Book section. The table of contents breaks pages down by skill learned which is going to be helpful your child needs to brush up on specific topics.

Basic Math Skills Rescue Book1


How We Are Using The Series

Book 1 is as far as we have gotten for now, but it has been a great practice book so far. Now that we’ve made it to the 2 digit divisors section, and she worked through the lesson, I think she’s finally got it! Whew, we’ve been working on this for a few weeks on our own.

I’m so glad to know that these topics are important for future math skills, and that we have help to master them before middle school. We do use graph paper to help with the process of “showing work,” so on most of her pages are just the answers. She puts her graph paper work pages into the book with the corresponding page so I can see her work/help if there are mistakes.

Each lesson has a helpful hints section, which are reminders on how to do the math skill learned in that lesson. This helps set parents and students up for success. The reminders are well written, to the point, and give examples/visuals of what is being practiced. This was helpful for my daughter to remember a specific skill that she maybe hasn’t practiced in a while.

Review is built into each lesson so your child retains what they have learned thus far. There are final tests to measure progress, which is great for parents that are keeping records, or just want to be sure their child is ready to move forward. I like to keep tests for records, and chunk the practices, so I will plan to keep these tests as well.

Something else that is sooo helpful, is the free access to an online video library with the author of the Basic Math Skills Rescue series. If you have purchased the books, the videos are included for your benefit.

We will continue working through the series as we come across the corresponding topics in our math curriculum.

Math Essentials- Math Skills Rescue

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