Homeschool Geography Curriculum {an honest review}


The end of our summer and beginning of our new year has included some really great resources. One of those has been a kids homeschool geography curriculum from Let’s Go Geography.

We also received a free Kid’s Passport, which has been so much fun!


About Let’s Go Geography

This is an online, downloadable, and printable subscription homeschool geography curriculum for grades K-4th; families can subscribe per semester or a full school year at a time (which is what we have been using). A school year covers about 30 countries, and 36 weeks of lessons. Each lesson focuses on one region of the U.S. or a country, going continent to continent.

Semester 1 lessons begin with the northeastern US, Hawaii, and Canada, then continue through more of North American and South America. The following semesters cover countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Below is the 3-year plan for countries/regions covered in the curriculum. I would say, from our experience, this is a complete geography program suitable for any homeschool family. We truly have enjoyed this, and will continue using it along with our history. The program is designed to be used in order, but we were able to use it in the order we needed with minor tweaking.

There are review lessons covering map review, flag review, and an extra exploring activity to go along with it. There is also a coloring page, which is always a huge hit here with my oldest three (3yo, 5yo, and 7yo).

Each lesson has nice, colorful (but not so much that it eats all your ink!) pages, along with links to blank maps, videos, audio recordings, and other resources used in the lessons. There are also suggested books and hands on activities for every learning and teaching style; this is GREAT when you have children of varying ages as well.


The image above of the Table of Contents shows an example of the lesson topics. There are coloring and labeling maps, comprehension questions, national anthems, and learning unique facts about each country.

The image below is a screen shot of the “Are you ready?” page from Semester 1, Lesson 1.

What We Thought About Let’s Go Geography

My children’s favorite parts were coloring us state flags then finding them on our big map, marking oceans and mountains on their blank printable maps from Let’s Go Geography, and learning more about the places we have discussed in the past. We began with lessons 1-3, then skipped around in Semester 1, to other countries they were familiar with.

They really enjoyed making their passport, and adding the flags to each page. Their daddy travels and has shown them his old passport, which is pretty special. They keep their passports in their pencil boxes so they are always on hand.

The program has coloring pages for the cover of your “travel notebook.” We have big 3 inch binders with dividers that we put all their work in through out the year. I let them decide if they would rather make a new tab for the geography travels, or add it in behind the history tab. We did both- some behind history if it correlates with what we have studied (north eastern U.S.) or if it was new, behind the geography tab.

My favorite part of this program? Options! Not so many options that we feel overwhelmed, but just enough that we can pick and choose. Flexibility. =) We don’t have to do every activity. There is such a great variety of activities and topics in each lesson that if something isn’t my style, or doesn’t appeal to the kids, no worries! There are other options available for fun, meaningful learning.

The hands on activities, even just cutting and gluing flags, is wonderful fine motor skills for young children that spend a lot of time doing gross motor activities. Writing and labeling maps is right up my daughter’s alley, though she also enjoys the coloring, cutting, and gluing.

We will most definitely continue using this program in our homeschool!

See more of the curriculum below:


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  1. Annette says:

    I find it curious that she breaks the United States up into sections, but she does other large countries as entire units. It looks like a great program to use for a variety of Ages

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