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Curriculum: What We Will be Using 2017/2018

This fall we are sticking with our tried and true-literature based learning with some Charlotte Mason flare (I am certain Ms. Mason would disapprove of me calling her style “flare”).

I think we have become even more eclectic than I ever imagined in our homeschool, and I suppose that will change as our homeschool continues.

As we are finishing up the 2016/2017 school year (we school year round, so we aren’t quite “done” yet), I am realizing just how much I have enjoyed this year. We have been using Beautiful Feet Early American History and have *loved* it. The books are rich, fun for all my children (ages 2-6), and the activities are quality supplements to the topics.  I am sad to finish it up, but know we will be redoing it at some point with the youngest 2.

Family Studies:

  • revisiting Sonlight Core A for History, Bible, and Read Alouds
  • continuing nature studies and revisting Elemental Science
  • enjoying classical music from a few famous artists
  • reading lots of extra rich literature
  • daily morning devotional
  • learning a few new poems
  • learning some new hymns
  • enjoying sewing, whittling, and using clay as handicrafts
  • lots of outdoor time
  • Games!  I am so excited to start playing more games with my kids-more about this further down
  • bi weekly supplemental co-op classes (more on this later this week)

Morning Basket/Breakfast- Poems, Bible, devotional, hymns, memory work, and read alouds will be part of our morning basket and breakfast time. Handicrafts will be a few times a month (or as wanted for the ones they can do without my supervision), nature studies every other week on Fridays, history, read alouds, and science reading will be part of a loop schedule in our morning basket.

We enjoy the variety and structure that comes with our routine. If at anytime something is too much, we just put it down for another day. Gotta love how homeschool can meet the needs of all my children!

Creating life long learners isn’t about how much curriculum we can cram into each day; it is about soaking up what we are able, enjoying the things we study, and learning about the world around us.

Games- I know most families play many games.  Honestly, I didn’t love them as a kid, and I sorta dreaded them for a long time with my own children. However, since my two oldest can play together now, and there are so many new games for their age, I have fallen in love with it! We play card games a few times a week, so I am ready to add more fun learning games to our homeschool. We have always done puzzles (that’s more my flavor) so we will continue those as well.

Individual Studies:

For my 7yo daughter we will be working through:

  • Sonlight Language Arts 2 , AAR Level 3, AAS Levels 1 & 2 (none of these take very long to get through a lesson, and they are fun for her learning style)
  • journaling
  • A Reason for Handwriting transition level
  • CLE Math 1 with lots of hands on manipulatives as wanted, continuing to Math 2
  • a few different workbooks she can do on her own, because she enjoys the extra practice during her down times (yes, you read that right)  She is her mother’s child =)

For my 5yo son who will be in PreK 5, we will be using:

  • AAR Level 1
  • A Reason for Handwriting K
  • journaling as he wishes
  • Saxon Math K a few times a week
  • fun, hands on activities for both math and LA

The 3yo daughter will be:

  • learning the rest of her letters
  • learning letter sounds through play
  • read through some Before Five in a Row books, add in activities
  • number sense using play (counting bears, cubes, bean bags, shapes, etc)

I am excited to begin this school year! Our family is so thankful for the blessing of homeschool and the freedoms it allows us, even when the days are hard.

I think the key to finding curriculum your family loves is to be sure everyone has something that fits their learning style.  I don’t foresee my son enjoying worksheets quite like my oldest so his math will forever look different than hers. I also know my 3 year old is much more spirited than my oldest daughter, or even my son, were at this age. So her curriculum may be the same, but used differently.

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