Homeopathy for Flu-like Symptoms 2019/2020

I have read about homeopathy for a very long time; a friend in NE used it often and it really intrigued me. Then about 2 years ago, a neighbor helped us through a tough illness by sharing her homeopathy with us, and I was hooked!

Right away I bought a few reference books (linked at the bottom of this post), and a Top 100 Remedy Kit, and we have used it non stop since!

homeopathy for flu like symptoms 2019/2020

Until last week it has been a healthy fall and winter for our home; we’ve had some colds and a few scheduled surgeries. But one afternoon last week Mister started complaining of his throat hurting and he spiked a fever.

By the next morning he had a 102 temp with all the classic flu symptoms- body aches, headache, and temp were the most relevant symptoms. In the past we have used Boiron Oscillococcinum to keep the flu symptoms to a minimum. We’ve also used Borion Cold Calm with great success for colds.

However, this year the flu doesn’t seem to be responding to the Oscillococcinum as well as in the past. This year the flu seems to be responding well to Genexa Flu Fix; we did start using this once I got some help in a great homeopathy group. The first few days of my son’s flu we were using a few different things, but finally realized Bryonia 30x, Aconite 200c, and Belladonna 200c were the most effective at helping symptoms.

The 5yo came down with it 4 days after my son, and we started her on the above listed remedies and her symptoms have been not only less severe, but she is well much faster! (The first kid is always the experimental pancake haha). When the fever comes back or spikes up, we just do another dose of Belladonna and it stays down for a good long time-I’d say the better part of the day.

Eupatorium perfoliatum, Gelsemium are also high ranking in the flu remedies for this year-you just have to check your symptoms with what fits most. Here is an article on what seems to be the best remedies this year. All of these are found in Genexa Flu Fix, which is probably why it is working so well for most.

If you are unfamiliar with homeopathy, you can find lots of good info here:

I really like this book- it is easy to understand, full of reference, and has just about every ailment you can think of, The Family Guide to Homeopathy: Symptoms and Natural Solutions. If I can use it, anyone can. =)

Cell salts are a simple way to begin also- Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds is an easy to follow guide about using them.

Here is a great list of books that may be helpful to you and your family.




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