Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Well, here we are with Christmas just a few weeks away! That is amazing, how did the holidays get here so quickly?

I am very excited to write about our favorite picks for holiday gift giving.

    1. By far my number one favorite is Kwikstix! We are giving these as gifts for several families we know this year. They are the perfect “non toy” but NOT messy gift or junk-y gift. They are tempra paint in a stick- no water, no clean up, no spills, NO MESS! Super easy, even my 2 year old loves them. (see my review here) They are also high quality and and make beautiful pictures. You can get them at Target or Amazon.


      Making journal entries with their Kwikstix

  • Magna Tiles– these are the first things my children played with when we would go downstairs. For the cooler weather I have moved them upstairs to my son’s bedroom so he can play and build with my 2 year old while big sister is doing school. I linked to the larger set, but there are smaller ones. I have found, that just like with blocks or legos, you need a larger set to make really cool structures.
  • Perplexus– I cannot be 100% certain that this will be a big hit, but I predict it will be. My son is a HUGE puzzle lover, and of course loves playing with balls- this is a puzzle in a ball! They have different levels of difficulty, but we will begin with the original and if he likes it, move up.
  • Stencils– we had these growing up and I loved them! My daughter is getting a set for Christmas. Stencils are fun, easy, and can be use din so many ways for learning and art!
  • Waldorf Dolls-Let’s just say … we have acquired a few Waldorf dolls over the years. They are similar to ragdolls, but tend to be a little more simple. I have linked to Amazon here, but I have *loved* the purchases I’ve made off for my daughters. My oldest is 6 and right now she is obsessed with her Waldorf and rag dolls. (She also plays with American girl dolls, but in a different way)
  • Classic wooden top– It seems simple, but this is one of those toys that kids can play with for long lengths of time. There is SO much learning fun that can be had with a simple wooden top!
  • Play Silks– A good quality play silk will not be cheap, but when I tell you they give hours and hours of fun, they really do! I have made my children 3 different sets, and given them as gifts to family as well. I purchase my silks from Dharma Trading company, as well as my dies. It takes a little time to make them yourself, but it is certainly more cost effective that way. Ours are played with every. single. day. That’s not an exaggeration!
  • Tonka Trucks– It goes without saying that Tonka Trucks are truly a favorite! You have to be careful which ones you purchase, because some are mostly plastic these days, and won’t survive the average boy’s play. But the ones we have my son *loves* and also plays with daily.
  • Tree Swing– This should be higher on the list! Another item that gets used daily at our home is this awesome outdoor swing. Our children love it, especially when daddy swings them way up in the air. It really is an awesome swing, and so far has held up great! (we have had it about 3 months)
  • Gardening Tools– Again, used all the time and provides hours of fun and learning outdoors!
  • For Baby- a wooden toy set. We don’t have many plastic toys anyway, but I try to make sure when I do spend money on toys they are high quality and safe. For baby I prefer wooden toys, since they put everything in their mouth. This set makes a wonderful gift!
  • Fat Brain Toys Squigz– These are so cool! My mother in law brought them on a trip and all the kids, ages 18 months to 8 years enjoyed playing with them.
  • Bath Colors– these are a favorite stocking stuffer that we give our children every year! The bottle lasts us all year, and that is using them in the bath a few times a week.

Don’t forget your favorite homeschool mama or crafty friend! Something like this awesome spinning organizer! It comes from Hobby Lobby, is sometimes on sale, or you can use a coupon!

I *love* ours; it is so roomy and there is still space for more supplies. We keep our colored pencils, Kwikstix, markers, glue, and scissors in it.

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What are you buying for everyone this year?



My 2 year old showing off her “painting” with done with Kwikstix.

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