Healthy Holiday Breakfast

Tips for A Healthy Holiday Breakfast 

Easy healthy breakfast for the holidays

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Breakfast is one of the hardest meals for me to prepare for our family on a daily basis. I try to start our day with as little sugar As possible, since it spikes insulin and causes that icky crash later in the day. But a special holiday breakfast is so fun because I can go all out and keeping the sugar low isn’t as hard as you might think. With the holidays fast approaching, the chance of throwing healthy breakfast habits out the door is much higher.

  • Drink lots of water

The need to consume a lot of water during the day is not new, but many people do not seem to do so during their morning routines (I’m always a “coffee first” kinda girl ?). Drinking four glasses of water every morning on an empty stomach is supposed to ensure good hydration for the morning. The body is usually dehydrated after sleeping all night, which accounts for a drop in body weight (hey- I’ll take it!). I also use my Hydrojug to keep myself hydrated lol day-I try to drink the entire half gallon before the end of nap time, plus a few more tumblers of water.

  • Try to have your breakfast within the hour

They say It is imperative to have breakfast within an hour after waking up. Supposedly when you do this, your insulin and sugar levels will recover the right balance and put your metabolism back on track From the night before. I tend to eat much later in the morning, so maybe I should give this a try  

  • Eat the right breakfast

Eating healthy does not mean we cannot have a delicious treat for breakfast, especially on Holidays. our family loooves the trim healthy mama breakfast casserole- you pile browned sausage Cooked with lots of veggies on top of spinach, followed by whisked eggs. Sooo yummy. I also like making keto waffles for breakfast to keep blood sugars in check. Breakfast enchiladas for Christmas morning are also great! A simple breakfast casserole is ideal for almost any breakfast- packed with tasty, mouth-watering ingredients.

  • Plan your breakfast the night before

Holiday mornings can be hectic sometimes, so, if I know I will have to hurry out the door, or have a newborn on my hands as I do this year, planning breakfast the night before helps a ton. Over night oats, baked oatmeal, and waffles from the freezer all help with this  


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