Healthy Habit Trackers for the Whole Family:

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American Coaching Academy

American Coaching Academy offers many digital resources for parents, teachers, and coaches to keep their students active and healthy. Our family has been using their Healthy Habit Trackers in our homeschool. These trackers are lots of fun, and the set has so many different options to choose from. Just download and print at home, and your family is ready for a new challenge! Also, included for a limited time is a set of habit tracking templates, that you can use endlessly in your home.

We have kids from 2-11 years old, and even the 2 year old got involved in the movement activities! These are probably great for ages 4+, depending on the habit your family is working on.

 What Is It?

Healthy Habit Trackers offers 12 different monthly habit tracker challenges, created for families to track their habits in a fun and unique way. There is a different theme for each challenge, (muscular endurance, kindness, household chores, muscular strength, etc) so there is something for everyone. They characters include on the pages are colorful, fun, and inclusive.

See the list below for all the great options offered in this set:

Healthy habit Trackers-12 months and free blank templates!

Not only do you get the challenges included, but (this is my favorite part) right now you can get blank versions of all the trackers! So your family can create a tracker for whatever you are working on- scripture memorization, poetry reciting, daily reading, practicing for whatever sport you are a part of, days spent out of doors … the possibilities are endless!

And, mamas! This is such an easy way to keep your children (and yourselves) accountable without constantly asking if they’ve done something for the day. Our family has been working on the Morning Virtue Kindness (more about this in another post), and some motor skill challenges. I used a kindness tracker for each child so they could be excited about coloring in their sheet when I recognized their act of kindness. Then I used 1 sheet for all kids together, for our motor challenge.

Healthy habit Trackers-12 months and free blank templates!

We did our motor skills outside, and had so much fun together- but I really enjoyed watching them improve in their skills. I also printed several copies of each tracker, including the blank templates, and put them in a folder. This way in the depths of winter gray days, we can pull out whatever fits our needs, and be ready to go!

There are so many ways to use the Healthy Habit Trackers, the possibilities really are endless! But a few of my favorites are

  • brain breaks between homeschool subjects
  • morning movement before school time
  • cleaning breaks for tidying the house between transitions
  • quiet/Bible time during independent time
  • prayer break to create the habit of prayer throughout the day
  • practicing drills for sports team

I love that these trackers are ready to go, involve the kids (coloring) in the process of tracking, and help create accountability without nagging, or  trying to find time in the already full days of life. The fact that I don’t have to look for a tracker online, or search for exactly what I am looking for is such a time saver for this mama! I can print as many copies as we need, and can do what I want with them.

What are some ways you would use these Healthy Habit Trackers in your homeschool?

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